Mobile Ground Truth in a VR Workspace

It’s funny how a twenty year old idea can be resurrected and blast into public consciousness once again. What am I talking about? Why it’s that rusty old Virtual Reality (VR) idea of course. For those old enough to remember, we had a plethora of movies (Lawnmower Man), game accessories (Nintendo Power Glove), and many attempts to make virtual reality … Read More

Structure Sensor – Machine vision’s new tools

Microsoft’s Kinect brought an interesting new technology to the living room on Xbox360.  It could see people, had a pretty good idea how tall you were, and how you posed your body.  And, Kinect was easily hacked to do more stuff ( which led to more advancements in machine vision than the all of the last 20 years combined. These massive … Read More

Conquer Mobile’s thoughts on the Facebook acquisition of Oculus

Wow, I am stunned, totally stunned by the Facebook acquisition of Oculus announcement. It’s both amazing that VR has come this far, and a bit shocking. Right now the PR backlash on Oculus is brutal, but if it’s motivated with true ambition and a sensible future, then this could be a good thing. If it wasn’t before, Oculus Rift is now a … Read More