A Guide to Usability Testing

Usability is the measure of the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a product or system, whether it is a website, software application, or any user-operated device. Usability testing focuses on structured observation of users who are demographically compatible with target users. This process validates the effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction of the design of your application. How does … Read More

Making technology products inclusive for less technology-savvy users

One of the things that is often forgotten while developing new technology is that many of us* involved in start-up companies are young and inherently technology-savvy. As an inevitable result, we design user interfaces and experiences around how we already expect such interfaces to work due to our own constant use of such products. Meanwhile there are people of all … Read More

Being Truly Responsive

I see a lot of bad mobile experiences. You probably do as well. There are any number of reasons why people make poor decisions for how their brand or company will be represented on mobile. Probably the same number reasons why people make poor decisions about digital in general. But I think we can sum up all of these reasons … Read More

Focusing on usability for mobile app success

As written by CIO Canada Magazine, December 2013 You never get a second chance at a first impression, so businesses seeking to launch successful mobile applications must invest in improving usability right out the gate. Whether launching a customer-facing mobile app or deploying the latest mobile employee productivity tool, efforts are all for naught if users can’t—or won’t—actually use the … Read More