Canadian Startups Give Back: #CelebrateTheUpside

The Upside Foundation is making it easy for startups across Canada to give back. Upside provides a platform for startups and high-growth companies to donate equity, so that when they have an exit event, a portion of the proceeds are donated to whichever charities the company wants to support. This innovative model allows startups to start reaping the benefits of … Read More

From Vinyl to Wireless – The Media is Only Part of the Message

When I was a kid one of the most fun things was to be allowed to open the ceiling trap door, lower the extendable ladder and climb up into the Aladdin’s cave that was our attic. Here my parents’ forgotten possessions lay strewn among the rafters. Taking care not to step off the sparsely laid floorboards my brother and I … Read More

Data Reigns Supreme at The Cloud Factory

As posted by DataGravity April 15, 2014 On April 7th, DataGravity CEO and Co-founder Paula Long and I headed to the Canadian Rockies to attend The Cloud Factory for a few days of sessions at the Banff Center. Majestically situated in the heart of Banff, just 90-minutes away from Calgary, the event was attended by hundreds of senior technology leaders and executives, and dealt with … Read More