How Wavefront is growing mobile, wireless and IoT in B.C.

  Via: MobileSyrup Published Date: October 13, 2016 Vancouver, BC – For the technology sector, the province of British Columbia is an exciting area to grow in. Though the history of this support through accessible resources and funding is relatively long, it hasn’t always been at the forefront.

It's a Wild Adventure for the Hotel Guest!

New technology brings virtual reality and augmented reality to guests at Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites. News Release For Immediate Release KELOWNA, BC – Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites has partnered with award-winning technology company QuestUpon (a Wavefront Venture Acceleration Program company), to create an interactive experience for hotel guests, with the ‘BC Wildlife Adventure’ that features both Kelowna and … Read More

Making technology products inclusive for less technology-savvy users

One of the things that is often forgotten while developing new technology is that many of us* involved in start-up companies are young and inherently technology-savvy. As an inevitable result, we design user interfaces and experiences around how we already expect such interfaces to work due to our own constant use of such products. Meanwhile there are people of all … Read More

Mobile Ground Truth in a VR Workspace

It’s funny how a twenty year old idea can be resurrected and blast into public consciousness once again. What am I talking about? Why it’s that rusty old Virtual Reality (VR) idea of course. For those old enough to remember, we had a plethora of movies (Lawnmower Man), game accessories (Nintendo Power Glove), and many attempts to make virtual reality … Read More

When it comes to mobile tech, Canada can’t afford to be complacent

Special to The Globe and Mail, Feb 13 2014 During a recent business trip to San Francisco, I wrapped-up my last meeting at 10 p.m. and walked out into a quiet street – not a cab in sight. Seeking the fastest way back to my hotel, I started searching for cab companies on my BlackBerry. I landed on Uber – an ‘on … Read More

CES 2014 – Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Devices and iBeacons Throughout

CES was loaded with incredible tech for mobile phones, tablets and bluetooth connected gadgets.  Notable Kickstarter projects from Pebble, Oculus, and so many others all took the stage front and centre.   These little startups are now multi-million dollar businesses launching rev 2 hardware with massive backing.  Kickstarter really does appear to have worked to catalyze the growth of great … Read More

As competition rises, Canada must stake its claim in wireless market

Special to The Globe and Mail, Nov 6, 2013 Whether you are preparing to start the day in Montreal, Beijing, or New Delhi, you are likely thinking about the path of least resistance to work. Traffic congestion is an increasing challenge in metropolitan cities around the world. A global challenge requires a global solution. Enter GreenOwl Mobile. This Markham firm has created … Read More

How Canada can lead in telecom innovation once again

As appeared in Globe and Mail, September 2013. Imagine technology solutions that could help save $400-billion in healthcare costs, reduce the average commute time by one full week annually, and cut carbon emissions by 27 million tonnes in developed and developing countries. Sound like fiction? These and many other capabilities will be powered by the next great wave of wireless innovation, and … Read More

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore

Innovation often comes from being tired of dealing with the same “stuff” over and over again and discovering you can actually do something about it. For myself this voyage of discovery started much earlier. On Christmas day in 1976 my parents gave me my first “real” watch. It was a silver Timex, the kind that “took a licking and kept on ticking” … Read More

Don’t just compete, lead with your mobile strategy

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) set out their mobile application strategy in 2007- the same year as the release of the first iPhone.  Since then, it has become increasingly more difficult to stay ahead of the competition and innovate within a consumer mobile application. Recently, RBC was cited as a Forrester pick as one of the top global leaders … Read More

It takes guts to make predictions

It takes guts to make predictions. However with good data, an eye for trends, and a little bit of old fashion good luck the occasional prediction isn’t as gutsy as we may think. Suggesting that the mobile and wireless space is poised for explosive growth isn’t a prediction, it’s having a firm grasp of the obvious. We can safely predict … Read More

A rose by any other name… Part 2

Part 1 of this blog explained how systems referred to as the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, and Smarter Planet are all based on machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and essentially very similar in nature. Each of these systems makes amazing applications possible, by receiving information from, and controlling remote assets, device or things. But how does a ‘centralized’ application interact with, … Read More

A rose by any other name… Part I

The Internet of Things, The Industrial Internet, The Smarter Planet, The Internet of Everything….  There will no doubt be several other names for this particular rose before it has fully bloomed.  But are these things all truly the same, and how do they relate to M2M?  Part 1 of this post will point out some of the similarities and differences … Read More

The future is connected

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is revolutionizing many areas of the global economy. At present, over 100 million vending machines, vehicles, smoke alarms, and other devices share information automatically. In 2012, Deutsche Telekom launched its M2M Marketplace and the M2M Developer Community to support solution developers and end-users in the growing market. What are we expecting for 2013? Further growth in the … Read More

“Live prototyping” – A glimpse of the future of mobile UI design

It’s time to build better design tools for the next generation of mobile user interfaces.  Why? Wireframing and static mock tools were designed for the old school desktop experience. There is a clear gap between what these tools can effectively express and the more dynamic, tangible and intimate mobile experience. Imagine you are designing a “physics-based UI with panels and … Read More