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Smart Cities
TotalPave enables paving engineers to collect standard road condition data using smartphones instead of extremely expensive high-speed data collection vehicles.

Collecting pavement condition data is extremely time consuming, expensive, and requires specialized equipment. The data is important because it allows engineers to choose when, where, and how to pave on an annual basis resulting in better roads at lower overall costs. With no access to this data, many small to medium sized road authorities currently use a “worst-first” mentality when deciding when and where to pave, which is a completely inefficient approach to pavement management. TotalPave is able to reduce the cost of collecting industry standard pavement performance measures by approximately 20x using smartphone technology instead of extremely expensive high speed data collection vans. This gives road authorities of all sizes the ability to collect the data they need to make better paving decisions. TotalPave sells their system on an annual subscription basis at a cost based on the size of the client’s road network. For the single subscription fee, they can collect as much data as they need on as many smartphones as they want.


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