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Smart Cities

Building Intelligence – Embedded sensors used to evaluate and enhance building performance

SMT Research designs software and electronics used to monitor and evaluate the integrity and performance of commercial and residential buildings. Real-time sensor analysis and remote data collection have allowed Engineers and Researchers to validate designs, materials and methods to produce more efficient, durable buildings, reducing their environmental impact and improving quality assurance in construction. Founded in 2006, SMT has grown to include building projects across North America, maintaining a focus on innovation and excellence in our products and services.

SMT provides monitoring solutions for building engineers and scientists who wish to evaluate specific design criteria and construction practices. These tools allow practitioners and researchers to perform various levels of monitoring and investigative research. SMT also designs automated roof monitoring solutions and roof scanning equipment for the purpose of detecting and pin pointing leaks on a roof membranes. In addition to research monitoring tools, this technology is also used by restoration companies who need to remotely track and document the dry out process of areas affected by unwanted moisture or flood damage.


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