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Equipment maintenance and repair is time-consuming and costly.

You’re spending four times your capital investment operating and maintaining your mining equipment. Your goal: reduce maintenance costs, downtime, and risk of catastrophic failure. What’s holding you back? You don’t have the tools to gather accurate data on the condition of your equipment. And you don’t have the time to translate the data into information that helps you make better maintenance decisions.

1. We make rugged wireless sensor devices.

These small wireless devices (called Motes) can be attached to any sensor including strain, vibration, temperature, and crack propagation gauges.  The Motes collect, store, and transmit condition data from your equipment reliably — even in the harshest environments. They've spent a Canadian winter monitoring cracks in the H-frames of giant mining trucks that were hauling 400-ton loads across the oil sands. They've been used to measure bolt tension on a shaker screen exciter where vibrations generate more force than a space shuttle launch. They've been used to monitor weld creep in a steam pipe in a super critical coal-fired power generator where temperatures reach 460°C. In each of these situations, not only have the motes survived, they've worked — collecting and transmitting accurate sensor data reliably to our host servers and reducing the costs and manual effort of data collection for our customers.

2. We provide easy-to-use software to collect, view, and analyze sensor data.

But having reliable sensor data isn't the end of the story. We've developed easy-to-use online software to help you turn sensor data into information you can use to make better equipment maintenance decisions. Powerful analysis features help you determine the predicted time to failure and the remaining useful life of your equipment. Alert features notify you when there's a significant change in condition, such as when a structural crack begins to grow. And our reporting features help you detect trends and patterns, diagnose failures, and monitor and improve operator performance. We offer a complete solution for equipment condition monitoring... so you can lower operational costs and increase equipment uptime.

3. We supply installation, consulting, and support.

The Scanimetrics team works with your organization to design and implement your equipment condition monitoring solution. This includes consulting services to develop a solution that addresses your unique needs and challenges. It also includes installation and configuration of the physical sensors, the Motes, and Scanimetrics software. We also provide ongoing support to ensure the implemented solution continues to work as intended, and we look after any issues experienced by sensor equipment in the field. Other companies sell sensors... we provide a complete solution for equipment condition monitoring. 


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