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Reliable satellite data communications from anywhere to anywhere on earth!

Nupoint provides satellite data communication tools that work when failure is not an option

Nupoint satellite data communications tools provide cost-effective and reliable M2M communications (machine to machine). They allow you to communicate with remote locations to monitor, track, and control assets around the globe. Designed for a wide variety of applications, such as water management, ice and snow, wildfire, remote equipment, and remote workers, where remote connection, monitoring and control are required, our products combine advanced processing platforms with satellite modems in ruggedized enclosures to meet your M2M connectivity needs (machine to machine).

We partner with our clients

At Nupoint, we take the time to understand your business, the unique challenges you face when your people and assets are in far off locations, and your need for cost-effective satellite connectivity to them. Our engineers have decades of experience designing M2M satellite data communication solutions (machine to machine) for a wide variety of industries, such as environmental monitoring, oil and gas, mining, and utilities. And our satellite data plans are highly competitive and straightforward, built to meet your needs whether your needs are intermittent or constant. We take pride in using this expertise to ensure you get the best solution for your needs and your budget.

We’re vigilant about meeting your needs

First, we build our M2M data communication products (machine to machine) to withstand the most rugged and inhospitable environments––on the top of a mountain, in the frigid arctic, or the middle of the ocean. Then, we design them to work with a variety of networks so you have reliable communications in those locations at an affordable cost. Next, we make our products easy to implement and streamline the communications interface so they respond quickly––without the delay of typical satellite modems. Finally, we provide personalized engineering support to ensure you get excellent service and the best solution available


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