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Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

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We connect things to the internet that don’t have a plug. Our powerful platform of devices can measure and control many variables including, temperature, acceleration, location tracking and more. Our goal is to provide clients access into the IoT world with products that are affordable, easy to manage and fully scalable.

Who We Are:

mc-Things was founded in 2014 in Cochrane, Alberta. We have extensive experience developing ultra-low power wireless devices, highly scalable software/firmware and miniaturizing hardware.

What We Do:

The mc-Things team has developed a versatile and extremely scalable Internet of Things hardware platform. Our platform allows a client to provision, manage and connect 10’s to 10’s of millions of devices. We design and build mc-Modules, mc-Gateways and other tools to speed up the time to market of IoT solutions. mc-Modules can be integrated into other hardware and sensors, enabling you to measure or control nearly anything over the cloud, or use the modules as a stand-alone device. By using the mc-Things IoT platform, our clients can now take advantage of low device cost, faster time to market, rapid deployment, high scalability, and a more manageable IoT system.

Our proprietary communications protocol, mc-air, allows the mc-Gateways to communicate with up to 1000 mc-Module using very little power. If a module sends a temperature every minute, it will last on a coin cell for approximately 5 years. This wireless technology operates with 100m-200m range. For those who need more remote IoT solutions we also integrate Sigfox and GPS into our modules. These modules are ideal for monitoring/control in remote locations or asset tracking solutions.

Customer Offer:

  • Low cost (acquisition and R&D)
  • Fast time to market
  • Real time data feed
  • Low power consumption – battery operated
  • Remote update capabilities
  • Low data transmission costs
  • Ability to filter data at the node
  • Rapid deployment
  • Scalability

Customized Applications, Development, Design, Product manufacturing, Integration and Support.


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