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MASITEK is the global leader in virtual remote sensor technologies designed to identify the root cause of damage to fragile goods.

MASITEK Instruments Inc. builds advanced sensor based products, customized and designed to help improve quality control, reduce product damage and waste, and maximize productivity and profit. The technology is a completely integrated solution that captures impact, pressure, and vertical load data in manufacturing, processing and handling facilities. The devices relay that information to a windows-based tablet that records and reports the data in real time and backs it up to a server for enhanced reporting.

This state of the art, real time wireless detection and reporting technology immediately identifies and quantifies damage to fragile goods and food products in production packaging and distribution systems.

MASITEK’s flexibility, reliability and ease of use are significant benefits for handlers and manufacturers in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Clients who use our technology report significant reductions in downtime, enhanced product integrity, and upwards of 80% cost associated savings for a considerable return on investment.


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