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141 Bathurst Street, Suite 201 Toronto, ON, Canada, M5V 2R2
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Litmus Automation provides an end-to-end cloud flexible platform for the Internet of Things. We enable businesses to deploy solutions quickly and securely.

Litmus Automation provides an end-to-end IoT cloud platform which is on one side ‘device agnostic’ (connect any device) and on the other side ‘business application agnostic’ (connect any application), called Loop.

The platform provides three layers of middleware:

  1. connectivity: how to securely, in a scalable way, connect any device/sensor/gateway to the platform, etc.
  2. management: provision of an extensive device management suite: update devices over the air, enable/disable, monitor, turn on/off, etc.
  3. integration: how to link these devices/sensors/gateways to new or existing enterprise applications that can make sense of the data: CRM, ERP, Analytics, Databases, Proprietary applications, etc.

The Company prides itself on being one of the most secure and flexible partners with Fortune 500 companies as clients.


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