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Wireless technology is about more than cell phones. It’s about the way the world connects and communicates. The Internet of Things [IoT] is the next wave in the evolution of wireless connectivity. That evolution is already under way and it contains layers of “right-sized” connectivity. eleven-x is positioned at the intersection of wireless connectivity, communication and being able to interact and collect data from things that could not be previously be connected.

In 2014, Blackberry and wireless authorities Ryan Hickey and Fraser Gibbs partnered with experienced technology CEO Dan Mathers. This partnership brought together a diverse set of talents including extensive knowledge of wireless technology, connectivity in the wireless world, low power communication networks and a passion for helping organizations leverage the IoT evolution.

That passion has resulted in eleven-x – a next generation, carrier-grade network purpose-built for IoT applications in Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Enterprise IoT and Industrial IoT. Since 2014, things have come a long way in IoT and at eleven-x we’ve pioneered and participated in a wide variety of innovative IoT projects. We continue our efforts daily to bring connectivity and data communication to a variety of organizations looking to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things.


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