Eigen Innovations

Suite 130 527 Queen Street Fredericton, NB, Canada E3B 1B8
Mining / Smart Manufacturing / agri-tech
Eigen Innovations combines video and sensor data from the factory floor with the power of advanced data analysis to unlock significant process and operational efficiency for industrial manufacturing.
Eigen’s Intellexon® platform tracks events that are important to maintaining optimal process and operational control, and enables manufacturers to meet performance, safety, and quality specifications for end-product. The platform analyzes video and sensor data, presents event-based information to operators for data driven decisions, and updates real-time process control and quality monitoring. This patented approach provides higher accuracy, faster implementation time, and continuously adapts to changes in the production line. Intellexon® is offered as a subscription-based managed solution with low upfront costs, tiny factory floor footprint, and continual support by Eigen specialists.


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