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eCAMION builds and integrates smart energy storage systems for industrial, utility, and anti-idling applications.

From 2009 eCAMION has been developing cutting-edge energy storage solutions, with safety being one of the main design features. CPPM, eCAMION’s patented control system, governs the operation of the energy storage units. eCAMION is headquartered in Toronto where all R&D, manufacturing, business development, and administrative activities are carried out. eCAMION has an excellent track record of delivering innovative future-oriented products. eCAMION has completed full scope of all their projects on time and within assigned budget. For example, in 2013 eCAMION deployed Toronto’s first community energy storage system connected to electricity distribution system. This project came to life thanks to SDTC and Toronto Hydro funding and U of T’s research contribution. In 2016 eCAMION deployed world’s first pole-mounted energy storage system.


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