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Downtown.AI is mapping the Human Landscape in Real Time.

We answer the question where people are going and why by aggregating the location of millions of mobile users and integrate these data sets with real time data on culture events, weather and other relevant parameters. Using advance mapping, statistic models and AI, Downtown.AI provides dynamic mapping visualizations, analytics and even forecasts of predicted crowd movements and concentrations in the coming hours and days. Downtown.AI works with Businesses, Cities and Emergency Services. Businesses (Retail chains, Car Sharing Services, Autonomous Cars, Real Estate, Economic Development Agencies…) ask for human landscape mapping to Predict Customer Demand. Cities interested in our visualizations to better plan to accommodate and motivate pro active transportation. Emergency services use human landscape visualizations to manage crowd in real time, design evacuation plans and better predict emergency calls.

Downtown.AI is based in Vancouver, BC and Palo Alto, California.


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