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Corvus Energy’s purpose built, field proven, modular lithium ion battery systems provide sustained power to hybrid and fully electric heavy industrial equipment, including port cranes and large marine propulsion drives.

Corvus Energy’s purpose-built, field-proven modular lithium ion energy storage systems (ESS) provide sustained power to hybrid and fully electric large marine propulsion systems and port cranes. Corvus ESSs make vessels more efficient by saving fuel, reducing maintenance costs and significantly lessening emissions. A Corvus ESS supports transient loads and levels the load on vessel engines/generators. Operating the engines/generators at relatively constant power levels allows for significant fuel savings and emission reductions. Key benefits include energy system redundancy, enhanced operational performance and improved propulsion system design. Most commercial hybrid and electric vessels employ a Corvus ESS including the world’s first all-electric, zero emission passenger/car ferry, the Norled Ampere which crosses Norway’s largest fjord, 34 times per day.


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