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Smart Manufacturing
Connio is a network and device agnostic platform to build intelligent systems from connected objects across a broad range of industry verticals.
The Connio™ platform is massively scalable, telco-grade secure IoT platform with built-in big data and machine learning capabilities. It is possible to grow the capacity to hundreds of Terabytes by simply adding new data nodes on the fly. It can be used to manage hundreds of thousands devices and apps within the same cluster. Connio is the first IoT platform that fully supports OPC UA out of the box to help our customers leverage Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 with virtually no effort. Billing services are also integral part of the platform to allow our customers to meter the usage and sell plans based on the data consumption or API usage. It is offered as Public Cloud, Private Cloud or On-Premise with various SLAs. The platform has been used in multitude of real life projects to date, including various large size projects such as the first smart city project in Turkey, developed by Turk Telekom. Our clients are ranging from mid-level connected product companies to large telcos.



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