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Situational Awareness that's simple, mobile and wearable.

Locate and communicate with your team in any situation

CommandWear Systems Inc. is a Vancouver-based software developer focused on delivering situational awareness software solutions for first responders and security teams.

Major incidents and pre-planned events require the involvement of multiple disciplines, jurisdictions, and agencies. Emergency communications, particularly voice communications, depend upon two characteristics: the ability to transmit and the ability to receive, hear and understand the message. In most routine operating conditions, radio communications systems are effective. However, in dynamic situations requiring coordination of multiple response teams, such as riots or shootings, communications must be accurate, acknowledged and real-time to ensure an efficient and safe response. Recent incidents, such as 9-11 and more recently the Las Vegas shooting, clearly revealed several communication breakdowns and a general lack of situational awareness that resulted in unnecessary loss of life.

Police, Fire, Paramedic and Security organizations rely almost entirely on voice communication between command and responders. Valuable radio bandwidth is used to try and locate personnel and can hamper getting critical messages communicated. When messages do get through, front-line responders often cannot hear the radio and tend to talk over one another when seconds count. People's lives are un-necessarily put at risk - including responders' lives.

CommandWear is leveraging smartphones, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices such as smartwatches, and the adoption of broadband networks by the public safety and security industry, including FirstNet in the USA.

 The application gives those in charge a new way of remotely monitoring personnel locations and mission progress in real-time together with bi-directional, secure and assured text-based messaging and real-time picture/video sharing and streaming has been proven effective in executing a faster and more accurate response and increasing officer safety. Personnel safety is enhanced through real-time heart rate monitoring and immediately alerting Supervisors or Commanders when responders' heart rates exceed dangerous thresholds.

CommandWear's platform offers reliable communication with first responders

This unique, secure mobile situational awareness software platform securely connects all responders and provides:

- Real-time remote monitoring, tracking, and analysis of the mission progress and positioning of individual responders and resources, providing personnel accountability, safety and more effective resource management; - Increased tactical situational awareness and deconfliction in the field, specifically responder-to-commander communications with picture/video sharing and streaming to support decision-making; and,

- Reduced time and cost of preparing an accurate account of past events through an "Event Replay" feature (e.g. playback a historical log of positions, messages and pictures/video from the last shift or an archived event).

After dozens of operational deployments, key benefits have been realized:

  1. Reduced dispatch times (reduced 10-20 seconds per call).
  2. Deployed with minimal or no training.
  3. Reduced time of re-integration of responders to their original tasking.
  4. Identified units traveling outside of assigned zones, in real-time.
  5. Integrated with dispatch for a single view of all people and asset locations.
  6. Played back historical data to support investigation and resource planning.
  7. Reduced radio congestion through use of secure text messaging.

CommandWear is an "Internet of Life Saving Things" that is disrupting traditional responder communications and safety procedures.


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