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Connecting the Unconnected – Taking the Guess work out of the Wireless IoT Network

CITISMART Solutions, founded in 2014, provides solutions for building specific components of SMART City and SMART Building communication infrastructure. We help our customers successfully deploy Smart City applications focused on Intelligent Streetlighting and/or wireless Internet Of Things (IOT) networks for a variety of applications and sensors addressing the needs within Smart City infrastructure. (water resource, parking, environmental monitoring, public safety, asset tracking, and many many more). We also design and build Smart Building communications infrastructure using the same technologies.

We provide our customers with sound advice, perspective and technical assistance as they evaluate, plan and deploy evolving and emerging technologies in the area of Intelligent Lighting and City wide sensor networks and Smart Building sensing networks. We are both a network operator and a system integrator, providing managed network and system integration services for shared and private wireless IOT networks. Our team includes security experts, network experts, cloud software experts and hardware experts. We partner with the best IoT Gateway, Cloud Software providers, and IoT Sensor Hardware manufacturers to bring stable solutions to our customers. We can connect any sensor to any platform.

We have been deploying Intelligent Streetlighting solutions since 2014, and testing and operating LPWAN networks since mid 2015; LPWAN networks wirelessly connect a wide variety of sensors across long distances with exceptional outdoor and in building coverage.

Streetlighting that makes a real difference.

Connecting the Unconnected – Taking the Guess work out of the Wireless IoT Network


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