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Optimizing humanity’s largest machine – Awesense provides data analytics and IoT devices to help utilities reduce avoidable losses on the electrical distribution grid.

Optimizing Humanity’s Largest Machine

Awesense helps electric utilities reduce avoidable losses in their distribution grid due to theft and inefficiency. These losses represent a $200B/yr problem globally and we offer a ground-breaking solution to tackle the issue. Our cloud-based analytics software and mobile IoT devices deliver the fastest, most cost-effective way to reduce avoidable losses.

Awesense customers have reduced losses by 50% in under 3 years – saving millions of dollars, increasing safety, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing unnecessary CO2 emissions. Our solutions are in use around the world.

The Invisible Part Of The Grid

Permanent metering of the entire distribution grid is cost-prohibitive. With an estimated 6 million miles of power lines in North America alone, utilities typically have metering points just in substations and out at the end customers. Awesense sheds light on what is happening on the grid in-between.

Our TGI (True Grid Intelligence) solution combines grid data analytics software and mobile IoT sensors to quickly identify where the energy billed for and energy actually useddo not match.

TGI’s mobile IoT sensors (know as Raptors) can be quickly deployed and moved around on low and medium voltage lines. They are smart self-managers, harvesting power, optimizing communications based on the environment, and the system has built-in predictive maintenance.

The TGI analytics software performs the magic – telling utilities where to locate the sensors based on a sophisticated risk-based algorithm – and then driving the process of loss reduction.

How Does It Work?

TGI’s proven methodology empowers utilities to take a proactive approach to reducing their losses. TGI cycles through the following steps to relentlessly narrow in on losses:

  • Divide the grid into intelligently defined segments
  • Integrate existing data sources (including the “in-grid” data from our IoT sensors)
  • Apply a risk-based algorithm to define and rank the riskiest segments
  • Identify segments with an imbalance in billed-for vs actual consumption.
  • Deliver “next-best-action” instructions to field investigators and tools to manage investigations.
  • Apply machine learning to accelerate the identification of suspect losses
  • Maintain a document trail for potential litigation or audit.

The Awesense Difference

There are various grid analytics vendors that offer “big data” solutions, using smart meter data, weather information and a host of other inputs. Their challenge is, for all the data sources they integrate, they are still lacking that critical “in-grid” data that TGI provides.

TGI is not a generic analytics tool. It was designed specifically to handle the complexities of the electrical grid, including unusual edge conditions.

TGI is also “boots to boardroom” solution specializing in loss reduction. We provide the tools necessary for the investigators out in the field, their managers, all the way up to the CEO.

TGI works in environments with less sophisticated infrastructure – where there are no smart meters, or no GIS data. Markets where losses are high often lack this infrastructure and Awesense has enjoyed success in these countries.

TGI is also very scalable and has a modest IT footprint. It runs in the cloud and can be deployed in stages – avoiding massive capital outlay up-front.


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