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Wavefront has partnered with Global Affairs Canada to showcase some of Canada’s leading Internet of Things (IoT) companies. Browse the showcase to see companies by category below.
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The Connio™ platform is massively scalable, telco-grade secure IoT platform with built-in big data and machine learning capabilities. It is possible to grow the capacity to hundreds of Terabytes by simply adding new data nodes on the fly. It can be used to manage hundreds of thousands devices and apps within the same cluster. Connio is the first IoT platform that fully supports OPC UA out of the box to help our customers leverage Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 with virtually no effort.
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  • Aarcomm Systems
  • Alphinat
  • Awesense
  • B-CITI
  • Ballard
  • Blue Rover
  • Brisk Synergies
  • CamDo Solutions Inc
  • Canvass Analytics
  • CareRing
  • Clear Blue Technologies
  • Clevest
  • Colony Networks
  • CommandWear
  • Computronix
  • Connio
  • contextere
  • Corvus Energy
  • Croptracker
  • Dali Wireless
  • DimOnOff
  • Downtown.AI
  • Ecoation Innovative Solutions Inc.
  • Eigen Innovations
  • Elements AI
  • eleven-x
  • Emscan
  • Encepta
  • Envio
  • Expeto
  • Eyedro
  • Farm At Hand
  • Fathom
  • FLIR
  • Freightera Logistics Inc
  • Green Owl Mobile
  • Hortau
  • Hyperlight Systems
  • Intelligent Mechatronic Systems
  • Inversa Systems
  • LED Roadway Lighting Ltd.
  • Linquet
  • Litmus Automation
  • mc-Things
  • mnubo
  • Mojio
  • Motion Metrics
  • Newtrax
  • Nupoint Systems Inc.
  • Orange Traffic
  • Popul8
  • Practical Precision
  • Pure Technologies
  • QMC Submetering Solutions
  • Rainforest Automation
  • RDANA Technology International Corp.
  • Reely Active logo square
    Reely Active
  • Rover
  • Scanimetrics Inc.
  • Semios Logo square
  • Sendum
  • SenorSuite
  • Sense Tecnic Systems
  • Sensible Building Science
  • Sierra Wireless
  • Skkynet
  • Smart NBS Solutions
  • SmartCone Technologies
  • SMT Research Ltd.
    SMT Research Ltd.
  • SST Wireless
  • Statflo
  • symboticware logo
  • TechMist
  • Terepac
  • Teslonix
  • Totalpave Logoa
  • Triacta Power Solutions LP - Square
    Triacta Power Solutions LP
  • UrbanLogiq
  • Vandrico Logo
  • Vine View

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What Is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about connecting everyday objects to the Internet; from trucks to refrigerators, from hydro meters to fitness trackers. The data gleaned from the sensors and systems in these objects can be used to monitor, control or redesign business processes, optimize customer experiences or quantify our personal lives.

IoT is about much more than connected objects — it’s an ecosystem that must leverage the strengths of different network technologies, the efficiencies of cloud storage and the massive potential of big data analytics.

What is IoT
Cisco predicts that the number of connected devices will double to 50 billion by 2020. Like the early days of the Internet, it is hard to imagine how IoT will impact our everyday lives but Canada is already establishing itself as a world leader.

IoT in Canada

Canada has had a long history in the IoT space. Companies like Sierra Wireless have been active in the market for 20 years with deployments of over 100 million connected devices and Blackberry’s QNX division, active for 34 years, which has deployed its software in over 50 million vehicles globally.

In addition to large corporations, Canada’s IoT ecosystem is made up of a large number of mid-size companies that have specialized in niche IoT solutions for global markets.

IoT in Canada
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