On March 22nd, at The Carlu in Toronto, senior business and technology leaders will come together to explore the art of the possible with AI, challenge perceptions, and gather insight on how to accelerate transformation with AI.

Through a series of dynamic keynotes, breakouts, panel discussions, and customer and partner stories, Microsoft will provide clarity, optimism, and a roadmap that senior leaders can use to achieve real business value and impact with AI – today. This year’s conference is dedicated to exploring how AI unlocks digital transformation and amplifies human ingenuity.

Accelerated Adoption of Enterprise AI
In order to stay competitive with digital threats seen and unseen, transformative initiatives are being enacted by keen leaders and organizations quickly. Learn about the perspectives and best practices driving real value today.
Thought leader: Mark Skilton

Transforming the Enterprise Value Chain 
An overview on the differences and similarities in value chain transformation across industries such as financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, retail, telecommunications, and more.
Thought leader: McKinsey

Breakout Session
Rewriting the Customer Journey
With increasingly integrated technologies, the expectation of personalized offerings has become critical to even compete for consideration. As customers move from awareness through to purchase, the ability to personalize their journey is now possible. Learn from top brands on how integrating AI within each touchpoint can help boost customer acquisition and retention.
Thought leader: Bing

Breakout Session
Empowering Organizational Excellence 
AI is more than the digital assistant in your pocket or on your PC… it’s a graphic designer, a real-time translator and even an organizational behavior consultant. It’s always working in the background pushing us forward so we can achieve more – together.
Thought leader: Microsoft

Breakout Session
Building an Agile Enterprise 
No matter which industry you look at, Data and AI will be the main transformation driver. And, it is already happening today. In this session, we will inspire you to increase the operational responsiveness and efficiency of your organization through real-time, data-driven decision making.
Thought leader: Farmers Edge

Breakout Session
Reimagining Business Models 
Every industry is being disrupted by new technologies and changing customer expectations. In response, organizations are reimagining and redefining their business models to reach new customers, identify new revenue streams and maintain a competitive edge. This panel discussion will share how organizations responded by transforming their products and services with AI.
Thought leader: RubiKloud, Fraser Health

Closing Keynote
Vision of the Future
Microsoft’s view on the path-breaking technologies that will shape industries and move our world forward in the coming years.
Thought leader: Microsoft

March 22 @ 08:30
8:30 am — 9:30 am (1h)

444 Yonge Street, 7th Floor, Ontario M5B 2H4, The Carlu, Toronto