Having a great idea and starting your company isn’t the hard part. Making sure people will want to use, and better yet buy what you’re offering them, is the challenge. Finding your early adopters, learning how to listen to them and adapting your product (no matter how perfect it may seem to you!) is so important but can be confusing since there are 1001 things happening when you’re first launching.

In this session, Matt will share his insights on:

  • Discovering who your early adopters are
  • Reiterating and pivoting based on customer feedback
  • Finding and identifying user barriers
  • Testing your customer acquisition strategy
  • Discovering how to prepare for growth early on

March 1 @ 17:30
5:30 pm — 8:15 pm (2h 45′)

300 – 128 West Hastings St, BC, Canada, Vancouver