Do Accelerators Work?

Fair question. With government and corporate funding providing support for many accelerators, it’s good business to assess the effectiveness of these programs.  Wavefront’s Accelerator programs have provided support to hundreds of startups over the past 10 years. We frequently measure the economic impact of our programs, which third parties describe as “significant”.   We suggest 5 questions to determine whether accelerators work.  1) Are sustainable businesses being … Read More

Wavefront Wireless Zones Relaunch

This month marked the relaunch of Wavefront’s Wireless Zones at various partner sites across Canada. These zones offer a variety of devices and hardware to test applications at affordable rates. With the relaunch, a suite of new devices were added to the rental library, adding to our stock of top-of-the-line equipment from which to run tests across multiple platforms. Use … Read More

A Guide to Usability Testing

Usability is the measure of the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a product or system, whether it is a website, software application, or any user-operated device. Usability testing focuses on structured observation of users who are demographically compatible with target users. This process validates the effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction of the design of your application. How does … Read More

The Benefits of Participating in Wavefront’s Venture Acceleration Program

The Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) is well known in the local startup community in British Columbia. An initiative of the BC Innovation Council (BCIC), the VAP is designed to guide and coach early-stage technology companies to grow their technology ventures which, as a result, drives economic development and creates jobs in BC. As a partner of BCIC, Wavefront has been … Read More

Canadian Agri-Tech Companies Finding Opportunities in Australia and New Zealand

The Australian agricultural sector is a world leader in providing high quality food and fiber for a global population using innovative technologies. In 2015, investments in the global Agri-Tech sector exceeded $4 billion; smart farming solutions have allowed farmers to gather more data on a wide range of key metrics including air and soil temperatures, moisture, wind speed, humidity, crop pests, solar … Read More

Canada’s Innovation Agenda

Recently, the Government of Canada had announced an Innovation Agenda. The purpose of this initiative is to create jobs, drive growth, and improve the lives of all Canadians, which will help Canada become a global innovation leader. In order to achieve this feat, the government is implementing a nationwide call-to-action, asking all Canadians to provide their thoughts and ideas on … Read More

How Can We Make the IoT Work for Everyday Human Beings?

Today the IoT is an amorphous, confusing, and in some cases, downright scary combination of ideas, technologies and myths: tomorrow my fridge will pre-order all my food, my car will drive itself and my house will be programmed to control my living conditions. But the reality is much patchier than that. Yes, there are IoT devices, networks and applications that … Read More

Setting a Standard for the Internet of Things

Just about everyday I read a report or projection about the breakneck growth of connected hardware or, as it is more commonly called, the Internet of Things. Cisco, Gartner and Forbes all project that the IoT market will be worth trillions of dollars within the next decade as consumers and businesses recognize the enormous value in products and services linked … Read More

4 Steps to the Industrial Internet of Things

Opportunity for Factories IoT is one of the hottest trending topics today. You can’t open a business or technology publication without finding an array of articles predicting the impact that this technology tsunami will have on businesses and even society. Much of what is discussed is related to consumer based applications of IoT: wearables and home automation, but according to McKinsey’s … Read More

The rise of wearables: Five things that health execs need to know

Interest in wearables was once limited to that of gadget geeks and obsessive athletes. Now the everyday consumer is beginning to strap them on their wrists to count their steps around the grocery store. According to a PwC’s most recent report, The Wearable Life 2.0, between 2014 and 2016, the percentage of Americans who said they own a wearable doubled from … Read More

3 Ways The Internet of Things Will Change Every Business

Have you entered the Internet of Things yet? If you have a FitBit or other activity tracker that talks to your smartphone, you have.  If you have a thermostat, alarm system, or lights in your home that you can control with your computer or phone, you have. But even if you don’t have one of these devices yet, I’m betting … Read More

How Internet of Things (IoT) Will Reshape the Workplace

Data and smart devices will propel future-ready enterprises to evolve and expand The Internet of Things (IoT) has made its way into the workplace and is changing the way we do business. There’s a growing use of beacons, sensors, and “smart” devices that collect data to automate manufacturing, streamline operations, and improve customer experiences. But that’s not enough. We are … Read More

IoT – If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It

By now, you know IoT sits at the intersection of the digital and the physical, dramatically extending the reach of information technology. As the natural evolution of automation, IoT presents insurmountable opportunity (up to $11T/year of economic impact according to McKinsey). Given the hype over that past few years and the fact IoT transcends virtually all industries, one would expect … Read More