Introducing Wavefront’s 2017 Fall Cohort

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the Wavefront Community. Last month we opened applications for our BCIC Venture Acceleration Program, Discovery Foundation’s RevUP Program and National Entrepreneurship Program. We selected 7 Venture Acceleration Program companies, 4 RevUP companies and 12 National Entrepreneurship Program companies. We look forward to working with such promising individuals on helping them grow … Read More

Congrats You’re a Startup! Now what?

By Vivian Chan – Co-Chair, Vancouver Startup Week and Manager, National Accelerator Operations at Wavefront. Originally published on Vancouver Startup Week blog. Find target market – check! Plan minimal viable product – check! Join Vancouver’s startup community – check! This is an exciting milestone in your journey. But now, the rest of your to-do list is the size of a football … Read More

Do Accelerators Work?

Fair question. With government and corporate funding providing support for many accelerators, it’s good business to assess the effectiveness of these programs.  Wavefront’s Accelerator programs have provided support to hundreds of startups over the past 10 years. We frequently measure the economic impact of our programs, which third parties describe as “significant”.   We suggest 5 questions to determine whether accelerators work.  1) Are sustainable businesses being … Read More

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor


As an entrepreneur, building your own business is both exciting and challenging. Getting your first few sales, growing a team and working towards big aspirations. But whether you’re a few months or a few years in to your business, you’ll need a mentor if you want to succeed in the long-term. No matter how much you think you know, having someone there to constantly challenge you, inspire you and develop your decision-making skills will take you further. Take it from … Read More

How an Accelerator Can Help Your Startup

You’ve got a great tech business idea. You think there’s a market for it. But how can you be sure? And how do you make the leap to a sustainable business?   There are many entrepreneurship programs that can help. But they’re not all created equal. Wavefront runs the Venture Acceleration Program and National Entrepreneurship Program to support the growth of early-stage businesses.  Here are … Read More

Wavefront Expands with New Toronto Office

The Wavefront Toronto office has officially opened! The team is excited to be settling into the new location at the WeWork Coworking space in downtown Toronto. The Wavefront staff in Toronto is continuing to grow (we’re hiring!) and works closely with the Vancouver-based team to deliver services for startups, SMEs, and large enterprise alike. Together, both offices are dedicated to … Read More

BC Positioned to Lead Canada as a Global Digital Technology Supercluster, New Report Finds

On June 20, 2017, BC’s leading technology organizations announced the release of a commissioned report: “British Columbia’s Digital Technology Supercluster”. The report was prepared by Deloitte, with the support of the BC Tech Association, the Research Universities’ Council of BC, Wavefront and the Chief Advisor of the Innovation Network, Dr. Santa Ono. The report’s objective is to describe the strengths … Read More

Wavefront partners with Two Tall Totems to drive corporate innovation in Canada

Wavefront is pleased to announce a new partnership with Two Tall Totems, a premium software development company. As the newest member of Wavefront’s Trusted Partner Network, Two Tall Totems will be available to provide innovation solutions to enterprise and government organizations across the country. Wavefront helps corporate clients build their digital capacity and remain relevant and globally competitive. Acting as … Read More

What will you take away from the Wavefront Summit?

The Wavefront 2017 IoT Summit will connect you with information and connections that will help drive your company’s digital advantage. Here are a few ways you can get outstanding ROI for your time at the Summit. Ideas you can use. Listen to case studies that show how Canadian companies are growing their business with IoT solutions. From retail to transportation … Read More

Grow Your IoT Business with Game-changing Introductions

The Wavefront 2017 IoT Summit is bringing together the enterprise IoT community in Toronto, May 1-2. In addition to a conference program packed with dynamic speakers and meaty panel discussions, the Summit will host B2B Meetings that match business and government with IoT solutions providers. These facilitated one-on-one sessions introduce enterprise clients to potential suppliers, partners and investment opportunities. This … Read More

Company Spotlight: Chris Hobbs, President and Co-Founder of Two Tall Totems

Startup Spotlight is an ongoing series which profiles Canadian wireless and mobile technology startups. This month, we spoke with Chris Hobbs, the President and Co-Founder of Two Tall Totems. Two Tall Totems is a premium software team that designs and develops mobile apps, complex websites, and enterprise software. With a design-first philosophy and deep expertise in sophisticated communications and integrated web services, Two … Read More

Canadian SMEs take Silicon Valley

Going global is no small feat. That’s why we aim to ease the transition into international markets with our Global Market Entry Program. The Program Since 2009, Wavefront and Global Affairs Canada (GAC) have taken over 175 companies from across Canada to 34 countries with the Global Market Entry Program. This program provides Canadian SMEs with opportunities such as B2B … Read More

Wavefront Introduces 5 Canadian Companies to European IoT Market

Last month, Wavefront in partnership with the Trade Commissioner Service, completed a successful market linkage trip to Berlin, Stuttgart, and Vienna as part of our Global Market Entry Program. The program provides Canadian mobile and wireless companies with the support and funding they need to successfully enter new global markets through trips to countries around the globe. Each trip itinerary … Read More