IoT – If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It

By now, you know IoT sits at the intersection of the digital and the physical, dramatically extending the reach of information technology. As the natural evolution of automation, IoT presents insurmountable opportunity (up to $11T/year of economic impact according to McKinsey). Given the hype over that past few years and the fact IoT transcends virtually all industries, one would expect … Read More

How Can We Secure the Internet of Things?

Conceptually, the Internet of Things (IoT) is fascinating and exciting, but the key to gaining real business value from it is to ensure that there is effective synergy between all of the elements of the architecture. This will allow you to deploy applications faster, process and analyze data at lightning speeds, and make decisions as soon as possible. In short, … Read More

The Duality of the Internet of Things Revolution

The “Internet of Things” (or, as it is affectionately known by those who are convinced of its irreversibility, the “IoT”): What a charming term to describe a trend that could either signify a sinister, ubiquitous, paralyzing level of control of your life or the equally pervasive yet liberating revolution of how we live. It may not be quite as Kubrick-esque … Read More

Mobilized (IoT) Marketing is Crossing the Chasm

Although we are witnessing changes with how fast-moving consumer goods brands are selling their goods through non-traditional channels, they have not fully crossed the proverbial “chasm” yet. Typically, the alcohol industry is farthest ahead in this regard, but mobile marketing advances now offer many products the ability to leverage the same marketing and sales techniques. From condiments to sodas to … Read More

Startup Spotlight: Tom Metzger, CEO of Groupanizer

Startup Spotlight is an ongoing series which profiles Canadian wireless and mobile technology startups. This month, we spoke with Tom Metzger, the CEO of Groupanizer. Groupanizer Technology Services Inc. is a Vancouver-based startup company founded in 2009 that offers software-as-a-service to musical groups of all genres around the world. Their subscription-based platform simplifies group management tasks for choir leaders and … Read More

O Beacon, Beacon! Wherefore art thou Beacon?

Juliet’s famous lament is often mistakenly thought of as meaning, “Where are you Romeo?”, but it actually means, “Why must you be a Montague?” It is Romeo’s family and their struggle against Juliet’s Capulets that keeps these two star-crossed lovers apart. Beacons, like Romeo, also have a bit of a name – a heritage – that seems to set them … Read More

The Retail Revolution: Harnessing the Power of Mobile Solutions

With more than six billion mobile subscriptions active around the world, the retail ground is shifting. Mobile technologies such as 3G and 4G networks, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions, Wi-Fi, and location and behaviour-based data analytics are dramatically changing how consumers make decisions, engage brands and purchase products. Success in this new retail world demands business strategies that leverage mobile innovations. These … Read More

Guidance from the Googleplex

I just finished reading How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, and as a new entrepreneur with a technical background rather than a business one, I found myself wishing I’d read this book before founding our company. This would have avoided countless hours of self-doubt and consternation. Both my cofounder and I have technical backgrounds, and we had … Read More

5 Tips For Successfully Integrating Lean Usability

Make those seconds count! Seconds. You have just a handful of seconds to make a positive impression on your audience. Research by Dr. Dave Chaffey of indicates users will make up their minds about a digital product or service in 2 seconds. How will you know you’re making the right impression in those precious 2 seconds? How will you … Read More

Making technology products inclusive for less technology-savvy users

One of the things that is often forgotten while developing new technology is that many of us* involved in start-up companies are young and inherently technology-savvy. As an inevitable result, we design user interfaces and experiences around how we already expect such interfaces to work due to our own constant use of such products. Meanwhile there are people of all … Read More

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

Unlike BYOD, which has been around for a while, Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) has been a new phenomenon occurring in Enterprises over the last few years – whether Cloud storage use is approved or not. Some of the popular Cloud services that come to mind are Salesforce, Google Drive, Amazon Zocasa, Marketo, Dropbox, Box, and Office 365 where employees … Read More

Mobile Ground Truth in a VR Workspace

It’s funny how a twenty year old idea can be resurrected and blast into public consciousness once again. What am I talking about? Why it’s that rusty old Virtual Reality (VR) idea of course. For those old enough to remember, we had a plethora of movies (Lawnmower Man), game accessories (Nintendo Power Glove), and many attempts to make virtual reality … Read More

It’s time to evolve in this era of Digital Darwinism

Customer is king. Yet, in an era of “Digital Darwinism” where technology, society, and business models rapidly evolve, customer experience is often elusive. Businesses are beginning to realize that, throughout their evolution, they must invest in change to keep up with and ultimately lead a new era of connected markets. As a result, businesses are now entering an era of … Read More