Building a Minimum Viable Brand

By Katrina Carroll-Foster Katrina coaches Wavefront’s RevUP companies on how to finesse their marketing strategy. She is the Principal and Founder of Kollectively, and co-founder of RAISE Collective. When you get down to it, does a brand actually correlate to sales or revenue – especially in the B2B world? The answer is yes. Branding helps your target audience understand what you’re … Read More

Introducing Wavefront’s Spring 2018 Cohort

We are happy to announce the latest addition of startup companies into the Wavefront Community!  Last month we opened applications for our BCIC Venture Acceleration Program. This program is designed to help early-stage entrepreneurs launch and grow their mobile tech companies, delivered out of Wavefront’s Vancouver office.   We’ve selected eleven companies to join the new spring cohort, congratulations to all! Read about each company here:  ActivScout ActivScout is an app designed for instructors and athletes to make training more rewarding. The app connects athletes … Read More

Wavefront Companies on the 2018 Ready to Rocket List

Congratulations to our companies for being named in the 2018 Ready to Rocket list! These companies had participated in our Venture Acceleration Program, RevUP Program, Global Market Entry Program or Wavefront NRC IRAP CTO Program. ICT Emerging Rocket: Brewhound Ecoation QuestUpon ICT Ready to Rocket: Aarcomm Encepta Eventbase Mailchannels Optigo Networks SemiosBIO TradableBits Trulioo Tutela Two Hat Security WTFast … Read More

CommandWear helps save lives while keeping first responders safe

CommandWear Systems is working to address a global problem – poor situational awareness and communication among first responders in emergency situations. Launched in 2013, the Vancouver-based company develops software and mobile apps for wearable technology to keep first responders safer on the job. An idea born from the field Founder and CEO Mike Morrow is a public safety technology veteran. After spending years working with first responder teams, he witnessed many lives negatively impacted by the lack of tools available to help responders and survivors … Read More

PROtect partners with RE/MAX bringing safety to solo working environments

PROtect is a mobile app designed to improve personal safety. For many professionals working in isolation or in other high-risk situations, the technology couldn’t come soon enough. Combining social networks, alerts and real-time location data, PROtect helps safeguard users in any environment. A participant in Wavefront’s Venture Acceleration Program, PROtect is focused on growing the company through partnerships with companies … Read More

brewhound takes the mystery out of finding happy hour deals

Brewhound happy hour

brewhound is a mobile app that helps people find local happy hour deals across Metro-Vancouver. A participant in Wavefront’s Venture Acceleration Program, brewhound is focused on scaling up and expanding across Canada. An idea born in a bar Lots of people come up with business ideas over drinks with friends. Ashiq Ahamed actually turned his idea into a thriving business. … Read More

MetaOptima: Fighting Cancer One Photo at a Time

Entrepreneur Maryam Sadeghi is on a mission. She believes in a better future when it comes to detecting and treating skin cancer. With a suite of innovative technologies, Maryam and her team at MetaOptima are putting new tools in the hands of patients and physicians that enable early detection and prevention of the disease. How it started  Sadeghi was completing a PhD … Read More

Introducing Wavefront’s 2017 Fall Cohort

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the Wavefront Community. Last month we opened applications for our BCIC Venture Acceleration Program, Discovery Foundation’s RevUP Program and National Entrepreneurship Program. We selected 7 Venture Acceleration Program companies, 4 RevUP companies and 12 National Entrepreneurship Program companies. We look forward to working with such promising individuals on helping them grow … Read More

Finding your runway: A guide for startup founders self-financing

Rafael Reis participated in Wavefront’s Venture Acceleration Program to jumpstart his company ChangeUP, a personal finance app that helps people build a healthy financial plan. Here he shares his knowledge on how to begin the journey as an entrepreneur while having a clear financial plan in place. At the beginning of a startup’s life, time is way more valuable than … Read More

6 Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs

6 Lessons for Entrepreneurs

When building a business, one of the best things you can do to accelerate your success is to learn from others who have gone before you. Want to avoid pitfalls? Curious about best practices? Need some encouragement to keep going? We’ve rounded up a few nuggets of wisdom from entrepreneurs in the Wavefront community to help you reach your goals … Read More