BC-Led Digital Supercluster is Poised to Lead Canada

Canada is on its way to being a global leader in data-driven innovation. With BC home to the fastest growing technology sector in Canada, the ecosystem is positioned to take the next step in growing the economy through the digital supercluster. Wavefront is a member of the consortium leading this initiative in collaboration with a number of industry partners to identify … Read More

Make Your Shopping Dreams Come True With IoT

By Amy Nguyen Shopping is more than a hobby for me, it’s a family pastime, energy boost and major source of happiness. So, imagine my excitement about emerging technologies that will make shopping easier and even more fun.   Picture this, you are entering your favorite clothing store where all the blouses, pants and jackets are neatly organized by colours and size. It immediately becomes a space where you feel comfortable because it’s familiar. You can browse … Read More

Reimagining the Retailer of the Future

Walk into any retail store today and you may notice a few changes. Digital screens flash the latest products as you enter. Interactive demos are propped up by cool tech, and touchscreen self-serve kiosks bid you farewell on your way out.   The trend towards digitization is rising. For customers this means something new and exciting with every visit to the store. But for retailers, it presents an ongoing challenge of keep up with the pace of change.   Gale Blank, VP IT at Holt … Read More

Wavefront partners with Two Tall Totems to drive corporate innovation in Canada

Wavefront is pleased to announce a new partnership with Two Tall Totems, a premium software development company. As the newest member of Wavefront’s Trusted Partner Network, Two Tall Totems will be available to provide innovation solutions to enterprise and government organizations across the country. Wavefront helps corporate clients build their digital capacity and remain relevant and globally competitive. Acting as … Read More

Canadian wireless and IoT companies fuel Canada’s new economic engine

Recognized as Canada’s new economic engine, the tech sector is being fueled by Wavefront, a national organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of mobile and wireless companies. Wavefront programs have helped to generate $418m in GDP over the past five years. This is one of the findings of a new report that surveyed the net incremental attribution of Wavefront’s programs … Read More

Grow Your IoT Business with Game-changing Introductions

The Wavefront 2017 IoT Summit is bringing together the enterprise IoT community in Toronto, May 1-2. In addition to a conference program packed with dynamic speakers and meaty panel discussions, the Summit will host B2B Meetings that match business and government with IoT solutions providers. These facilitated one-on-one sessions introduce enterprise clients to potential suppliers, partners and investment opportunities. This … Read More

Not up to speed on IoT? You’re not alone

If someone were to mention the Internet of Things, would you: a) Nod sagely and add your opinions about IoT? b) Fake it and hope you figure out what it actually is? c) Admit you really don’t understand what the IoT is? If your answer is c), you’re not alone. Almost 90% of consumers hadn’t heard of the Internet of … Read More