Introducing Wavefront’s Spring 2018 Cohort

We are happy to announce the latest addition of startup companies into the Wavefront Community!  Last month we opened applications for our BCIC Venture Acceleration Program. This program is designed to help early-stage entrepreneurs launch and grow their mobile tech companies, delivered out of Wavefront’s Vancouver office.   We’ve selected eleven companies to join the new spring cohort, congratulations to all! Read about each company here:  ActivScout ActivScout is an app designed for instructors and athletes to make training more rewarding. The app connects athletes … Read More

Startup Spotlight: Bereda Helping Athletes Train with Data

Startup Spotlight is an ongoing series that profiles Canadian wireless and mobile technology startups. This month we spoke to Dennis Cottreau, Co-Founder & CEO of Bereda Training. What’s the background and inspiration behind building Bereda?   Cycling became my primary sport when I was studying Mechanical Engineering at McGill. As a numbers junkie I loved how it was such a … Read More

Introducing Wavefront’s 2017 Fall Cohort

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the Wavefront Community. Last month we opened applications for our BCIC Venture Acceleration Program, Discovery Foundation’s RevUP Program and National Entrepreneurship Program. We selected 7 Venture Acceleration Program companies, 4 RevUP companies and 12 National Entrepreneurship Program companies. We look forward to working with such promising individuals on helping them grow … Read More

Finding your runway: A guide for startup founders self-financing

Rafael Reis participated in Wavefront’s Venture Acceleration Program to jumpstart his company ChangeUP, a personal finance app that helps people build a healthy financial plan. Here he shares his knowledge on how to begin the journey as an entrepreneur while having a clear financial plan in place. At the beginning of a startup’s life, time is way more valuable than … Read More

Reimagining the Retailer of the Future

Walk into any retail store today and you may notice a few changes. Digital screens flash the latest products as you enter. Interactive demos are propped up by cool tech, and touchscreen self-serve kiosks bid you farewell on your way out.   The trend towards digitization is rising. For customers this means something new and exciting with every visit to the store. But for retailers, it presents an ongoing challenge of keep up with the pace of change.   Gale Blank, VP IT at Holt … Read More

Everyone’s Guide to Designing Conversational Interfaces

Wavefront regularly teams up with best in class consultants and solutions integrators to drive maximum value for our clients. Connected Lab is one of the organizations we partner with when it comes to intelligent product design and development.     Ramy Nassar, digital product design consultant and member of the product strategy team at Connected Lab, shares his approach to designing conversational interfaces.  Conversational interfaces (CIs) are rapidly shifting how consumers interact with brands, and the vast range … Read More

Congrats You’re a Startup! Now what?

By Vivian Chan – Co-Chair, Vancouver Startup Week and Manager, National Accelerator Operations at Wavefront. Originally published on Vancouver Startup Week blog. Find target market – check! Plan minimal viable product – check! Join Vancouver’s startup community – check! This is an exciting milestone in your journey. But now, the rest of your to-do list is the size of a football … Read More

Do Accelerators Work?

Fair question. With government and corporate funding providing support for many accelerators, it’s good business to assess the effectiveness of these programs.  Wavefront’s Accelerator programs have provided support to hundreds of startups over the past 10 years. We frequently measure the economic impact of our programs, which third parties describe as “significant”.   We suggest 5 questions to determine whether accelerators work.  1) Are sustainable businesses being … Read More

How an Accelerator Can Help Your Startup

You’ve got a great tech business idea. You think there’s a market for it. But how can you be sure? And how do you make the leap to a sustainable business?   There are many entrepreneurship programs that can help. But they’re not all created equal. Wavefront runs the Venture Acceleration Program and National Entrepreneurship Program to support the growth of early-stage businesses.  Here are … Read More

Get Your Books in Order: Financing Your Business

Knowing how to properly finance your business as it grows will make or break your future success as an entrepreneur. According to research by CB Insights, only 1 out of 10 startups succeed in the long term, and one of the top reasons entrepreneurs cite for this failure is a lack of cash. With this in mind, it’s important to understand what … Read More

5 Tips to Lose the Awkward and Master Networking

Networking Wavefront

We all know the power of networking. It’s how many of us land our first job, find a business partner and broaden our horizons on life. But for many, networking doesn’t come easy. Walking into a room full of strangers can be daunting whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. Doubt, uncertainty and fear can easily creep in and sabotage your … Read More

Design Thinking: Your Next Innovation Strategy

Chances are that if you work in a technology environment, you’ve heard the term design thinking. But what does this actually mean, and how can you use it to your advantage? Design thinking offers a systematic framework to facilitate ideation around new products, services and experiences. As businesses are faced with increasing pressures to innovate and solve complex problems, it provides a … Read More

Wavefront Wireless Zones Relaunch

This month marked the relaunch of Wavefront’s Wireless Zones at various partner sites across Canada. These zones offer a variety of devices and hardware to test applications at affordable rates. With the relaunch, a suite of new devices were added to the rental library, adding to our stock of top-of-the-line equipment from which to run tests across multiple platforms. Use … Read More

The Benefits of Participating in Wavefront’s Venture Acceleration Program

The Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) is well known in the local startup community in British Columbia. An initiative of the BC Innovation Council (BCIC), the VAP is designed to guide and coach early-stage technology companies to grow their technology ventures which, as a result, drives economic development and creates jobs in BC. As a partner of BCIC, Wavefront has been … Read More

Canadian Agri-Tech Companies Finding Opportunities in Australia and New Zealand

The Australian agricultural sector is a world leader in providing high quality food and fiber for a global population using innovative technologies. In 2015, investments in the global Agri-Tech sector exceeded $4 billion; smart farming solutions have allowed farmers to gather more data on a wide range of key metrics including air and soil temperatures, moisture, wind speed, humidity, crop pests, solar … Read More