How to Manage Foreign Agents to Grow Your Business

Wavefront regularly teams up with best-in-class consultants and partners to support mobile and IoT innovation. Bryan Price of Continental Markets Group consults on export strategies, conducts market studies and trains companies looking to go global. With over fifteen years of experience in sales and product marketing, Bryan offers advice on how to find an Agent or Manufacturer rep to grow your business … Read More

Canadian Smart Cities companies visit Washington, DC.  

There are many challenges to consider when trying to expand to a new market, and doing it by yourself can be extremely daunting. To ease the transition into international markets Wavefront offers a Global Market Entry Program.  Through our Global Market Entry program, we connect Canadian mobile and IoT companies with support and funding to successfully enter international markets. Every year, Wavefront selects a … Read More

Icicle Technologies Inc: Food Safety Software Improving Global Health Standards

Icicle Technologies Inc. is the company behind an award-winning food production management software. Their technology helps food manufacturers monitor the safety and efficiency of production systems from one centralized platform.   Icicle was founded in BC but now operates in multiple countries around the world. How did they achieve global success? Founder and CEO Steve Burton shares the story behind the company and how Wavefront’s Global Market Entry Program supported their international expansion.   How … Read More

3 Essential Ingredients to Include in Your Export Plan

what to include in export plan

You’ve had commercial success at home and now you want to take your business forward by going international. When opportunity calls, are you ready to take the plunge? It can be tempting to take the leap when an opportunity arises. But if you want to succeed overseas, you’ll need to take the time to put an export plan in place. … Read More