IoT Blog Internet of Things Year in Review: 2017

Wavefront mobile & IoT Innovation

Wavefront regularly teams up with best in class consultants and solutions integrators. Sierra Wireless is one of the organizations we partner with as an expert in IoT solutions. Hear their take on milestones in IoT innovation this past year. Read the original post on the Sierra Wireless IoT blog.  As 2017 comes to an end and before we start setting New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to reflect on the year gone by. Significant … Read More

Reimagining Retail Series: Microsoft Enabling Retail Innovation

Microsoft’s Retail Industry Lead, Dave Rodgerson sat down with Wavefront’s VP Marketing & Communications, Michelle Sklar to learn more about what is really transpiring at the intersection of retail and IoT.    What are Microsoft’s key pillars for enabling retail innovations?  Microsoft has an approach to digital transformation that is based on four pillars:   Engaging your customers, by giving them new tools like shopping bots for example.  Empowering your associates, by … Read More

Make Your Shopping Dreams Come True With IoT

By Amy Nguyen Shopping is more than a hobby for me, it’s a family pastime, energy boost and major source of happiness. So, imagine my excitement about emerging technologies that will make shopping easier and even more fun.   Picture this, you are entering your favorite clothing store where all the blouses, pants and jackets are neatly organized by colours and size. It immediately becomes a space where you feel comfortable because it’s familiar. You can browse … Read More

Reimagining the Retailer of the Future

Walk into any retail store today and you may notice a few changes. Digital screens flash the latest products as you enter. Interactive demos are propped up by cool tech, and touchscreen self-serve kiosks bid you farewell on your way out.   The trend towards digitization is rising. For customers this means something new and exciting with every visit to the store. But for retailers, it presents an ongoing challenge of keep up with the pace of change.   Gale Blank, VP IT at Holt … Read More

3 Questions to Ask When Beginning Digital Transformation

When it comes to digital transformation, we know it can feel like a huge mountain to climb. Where do you begin? Between adopting new technologies for better service delivery and keeping up with disruptors in the industry, there’s a lot to consider. You’re not alone in this struggle – many organizations don’t know where to start. Here are a few … Read More

Wavefront helps Town of Newmarket seize Smart Cities solutions

As the regional centre in York Region, Canada’s fastest growing region, the Town of Newmarket is committed to shifting the community to a digital-based economy. Like many municipalities, the Town of Newmarket recognizes how Smart Cities innovations can improve services, reduce environmental impact and decrease costs. Their challenge: finding solutions that fit the size, existing infrastructure and long-term goals of … Read More

Design Thinking Workshop Finds Smart City Solutions for Town of Newmarket

Town of Newmarket, Wavefront Design Thinking

Design thinking with technology partners uncovers new Smart City solutions for the Town of Newmarket Download the report to get full details on the workshop format and outcomes, or read the summary below. Download Smart City Challenges The Town of Newmarket was looking to explore how to better design and implement Smart City concepts. As with many cities with this … Read More