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We provide programs and resources to help you get to market faster and stronger.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

We help you scale for sustainability and reach global markets, enabling you to accelerate your commercial impact.

Enterprise and Government

We help you increase your digital capacity, manage large-scale organizational change and maintain your competitive advantage.


Our mission is to continue as Canada's leader in transforming business through mobile and IoT innovation.


As Canada’s centre of commercialization for mobile and IoT technologies, our vision is to build a globally relevant, nationally connected ecosystem that delivers digital capacity, competitiveness and prosperity for Canadians.


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Through our programs and services delivered across Canada we have:

Helped accelerate the growth of
Wireless Enabled Companies
Assisted Clients in Securing Over
Million in Follow-On Investment
Helped Over
companies expand into global markets
Our expertise, resources and connections to partnership opportunities and global markets enable companies to accelerate their commercial impact at home and abroad.

Economic Impact

Wavefront has generated net economic gains for Canada contributing to all levels of government through tax revenues and job creation. Our global benchmarks include our effectiveness in supporting Startup and SME growth, enabling competitive advantage by accelerating commercialization and driving global partner opportunities.

A study of Wavefront’s work from 2011-2016 by Bytown Consulting found Wavefront’s support of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Startups in the mobile and IoT industry generated the following results:

increased sales revenues
accelerated time to market
ideation to scale
scaled employee base
job creation
50 percent research and development
gdp contributions
economic benefits
tax revenue generation