Introducing Wavefront’s Spring 2018 Cohort

We are happy to announce the latest addition of startup companies into the Wavefront Community! 

Last month we opened applications for our BCIC Venture Acceleration Program. This program is designed to help early-stage entrepreneurs launch and grow their mobile tech companies, delivered out of Wavefront’s Vancouver office.  

We’ve selected eleven companies to join the new spring cohort, congratulations to all! Read about each company here: 

ActivScout is an app designed for instructors and athletes to make training more rewarding. The app connects athletes and instructions through a platform that facilitates messaging and scheduling.

Anteater Analytics
Anteater Analytics provides analytics for email and instant messaging. The platform uses AI and machine learning to report on data, topics and contacts shared through messaging interfaces.

Buddi is a platform for cannabis producers and retailers to develop their brands, market their products and build a deeper understanding of their customers.

HomHub Services
HomHub LinkedIn
HomHub Services provides administrative, operational and financial support to alarm and security companies in Canada.

Life Lapse
Life Lapse simplifies the creation of personal time lapse and stop motion videos. Their platform enables users to create and share video stories in a unique and fun way.

Fedoor is a SaaS solution for the recruiting industry that provides an ecosystem for knowledge-based recruitment. Through state of the art machine learning and text semantic analysis techniques, Fedoor improves the quality of candidate job-matching by introducing soft skills and cognition into the mix.

On this Spot
The On this Spot app takes people on guided walking tours. Read about local history and before and after photos of each site through carefully research and engaging tours accessible through your smartphone.

PicoVoice provides an AI solution that enables developers to add a custom wake word to their voice applications within seconds. Their platform augments the capabilities of voice and IoT-enabled devices through the power of deep learning.

Pintellect LinkedIn
Pintellect is an enterprise SaaS platform that enables teams to share information and annotations from text-based documents like web articles and PDFs, using Slack.

VRSQUARE creates VR content for industrial visualization, video games and amusement park experiences.

Wisdom offers a session replay tool for website browsing to better understand customer experience. Watch the unique workflows of each user to uncover frustrations and fix issues quickly.  

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