Tech Gift Guide 2017

top tech gift guide

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is upon us and hopefully you’ve started to shop for your loved ones. Looking for that special something for the gadget-lover in your life? Wavefront’s got you covered! Here’s our list of top tech gifts for all the “techies” in your life.  


 1) Google Home, Home Mini

“Okay Google – How many days until Christmas?” Help is here with the evolving technology behind the Google Home. Get answers from Google, play your favorite songs, tackle your day, be entertained and control your smart home. Choose from the sleek Google Home with four speakers or the Google Home Mini available in two different colors.  

Google Home – $134 CDN Google Home Mini – $79 CDN

Ecobee Thermostat

2) Ecobee Smart Thermostat 

Effortless control at your fingertips!  Adjust room temperatures easily thanks to this Canadian-based company, Ecobee. Saving energy? It’s got you covered with its built-in features to factor in local weather and adjust accordingly. Also comes with vacation settings, alerts, and alarms. The best part? It easily connects to the top two tech gift ideas on our list – the Google Home and Apple Watch, along with many more popular gadets.  

$219 CDN  

furbo pet cam

3) Furbo Pet Cam  

Check on your furry friend when you’re not home! Plug the device in using the USB port, download the app and connect to your home wifi. Then you’re all set to see your pet, talk to them and even toss them a treat! All while you’re not home.  

$199 CDN

Roomba robot vacuum

4) Roomba Robot Vacuums  

Give the gift of a crumb-free living room this year. The Roomba will seamlessly navigate around every room in your house with its dirt detecting sensors. It even sweeps corners and along walls. Leaving no dirt, dust or hair behind. And, the Roomba connects to your smart home devices as listed above.  

$269 – $400 CDN  


Device/Wearable Gadgets 

apple watch series 3

5) Apple Watch Series Three  

Along with its many existing features, the Series Three Apple Watch has upped its game with higher speeds, LTE connectivity, 16 GB storage and barometric altimeter technology which tracks elevation gained during activity. It’s also water-resistant, GPS enabled and has 2x brighter screen than the last edition.  

$469 CDN  

samsung galaxy s8 black

6) Samsung Galaxy S8 

The new Galaxy phone produced by Samsung comes with many new and improved smart features, including a bigger screen and improved low-light camera. It also has more storage that you can expand up to 256 GB. Purchase comes with 15 GB of free cloud storage.  

$200 CDN

Iphone 8

7) Apple iPhone 8  

Apple released two new phones this year. The iPhone X and the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus. The iPhone 8 received better reviews from critics overall so it made our Tech Gift Guide list! Maybe next year iPhone X… The iPhone 8 introduced an all-new glass design.   The most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back!  It also includes an improved version of the world’s most popular camera with a larger and faster sensor, a new colour filter, deeper pixels, and optical image stabilization for photos and videos. 

$929 CDN   

clocky alarm clock

8) Clocky Alarm Clock  

Need a gift for someone who has a hard time waking up in the morning? Clocky is here to help them. When the alarm clock goes off it safely jumps off your nightstand and runs away, leaving you with no choice but to get out of bed and chase it to turn it off.  

$49 CDN  

DJI Mini drone

9) DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone 

Be THAT person, and get your loved one a drone for Christmas! DJI is one of the leading drone companies with their intelligent flight mode and hand gesture controls for the palm of your hand. It’s not Christmas unless someone gets you something that you can fly around! Check out the drone on DJI’s shop.

$649 CDN    

Guusto gift card


 10) Guusto Gift Card

Who doesn’t love gift cards? Be thoughtful by purchasing a gift card through Guusto’s Digital Platform. Send dinner, a bottle of wine or a day at the spa with the Wavefront Company’s easy-to-use online platform. Better yet, feel good about giving back while Christmas shopping. When you purchase gift cards from Guusto the company donates one day of clean drinking water for every gift card sent, through their partnership with the One Drop foundation.  

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