We Are Wavefront: A day in the life of…. Rahul Dhingra

A Day in the Life is a series designed to give you a look inside what it’s like to work at Wavefront! Get to know our team by following along what a typical day looks like.  This month, we sat down with Rahul Dhingra, our new Director of Enterprise Solutions.  

What’s your role at Wavefront? How did you find us?  

I’m the Director of Enterprise Solutions, which means that I oversee the operation of the consulting arm of Wavefront’s business. I was attending a networking event at the Toronto WeWork office a few months ago, and I met Christian Magsisi, VP of Enterprise Solutions. His description of Wavefront intrigued me, so I went home and read through the website. I was impressed by what I read and what the company is doing. So I followed up with Christian and started conducting interviews – which lead to me being hired.  I was excited to find the opportunity and today I’m pretty happy because the team is amazing!  

 What does a typical day look like for you?  

I don’t really have a “typical” day, aside from a couple of recurring team meetings every morning. The rest of my time is split between collaborating with the delivery team, the marketing team, and the finance team. As well as engaging with prospects, clients, and partners.  

 5:00AM – WAKE UP to take my new puppy outside.  

6:00AM – 7:00AM – PLAY with my daughters and help them get ready for school. I’m usually starting my commute by 7:20 am.  

830AM – DAILY Enterprise Leadership Team Stand-up. 

9:30AM – DAILY Culture Stand-Up. This is a new recurring stand-up that brings the whole Toronto team together in the morning to talk about current events, tell jokes, get to know one another, and just get ready for the day ahead.  

The rest of the day is a mix of emails, calls, and meetings. 

6:00PM– Hopefully I’m home to enjoy my evening with my family.  Most evenings we have piano lessons, swimming lessons, and/or dance lessons. After that I help my kids with their homework.  

10:00PM – Bedtime – hopefully after some reading.  

What ideas would you like to see Wavefront work on in the future?  

I’d like to see Wavefront use its Design Thinking expertise to help resolve the gridlock problems in cities like Toronto and Vancouver. For now, as told to me by one of my colleagues, I can stop traffic with my dad jokes.  

Connect with Rahul Dhingra on LinkedIn. 

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