BC-Led Digital Supercluster is Poised to Lead Canada

Canada is on its way to being a global leader in data-driven innovation. With BC home to the fastest growing technology sector in Canada, the ecosystem is positioned to take the next step in growing the economy through the digital supercluster. Wavefront is a member of the consortium leading this initiative in collaboration with a number of industry partners to identify opportunities in the digital technology sector.

What is the Digital Supercluster?

A supercluster is an ecosystem of players across different industries, from technology developers to industry adopters, working together to create collaborative initiatives with the goal of making large impacts on economic growth and job creation.

The government-led initiative was announced in 2017, when ISED (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada of the Canadian Government) introduced the Innovation Supercluster Initiative. Between 2018-2023, the Federal Government will invest up to $950 million to support business-led innovation superclusters who have the greatest potential to represent and grow Canada as a global leader in the digital economy.

The Digital Supercluster was among nine supercluster concepts that were shortlisted by the Government of Canada. BC is positioned as Canada’s leading tech supercluster and has the opportunity to lead collaborations across Canada.

The Vision: Key Players and Impact

The vision for the digital technology supercluster is to achieve strides in transforming the economy and spur job creation by leveraging the combined strengths of the diverse digital ecosystem existing in Canada.

The digital technology supercluster aims to:

  • Drive collaboration across technology platforms, sectors and regions
  • Accelerate the creation of IP and the scale-up of startups and SME firms
  • Increase productivity, performance and competitiveness in Canada
  • Spur the creation of new digital technology jobs; grow world-class and diverse talent

In practice, the supercluster is made up of a range of institutions including tech companies of all sizes, research organizations, post-secondary institutions and non-profit organizations. Combined strengths include data collection, analytics and visualization technologies across a range of industries including natural resources, healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure and transportation and entertainment.

Call for Ideas and Next Steps

With the BC Digital Technology Supercluster being one of the nine shortlisted efforts underway in Canada, we are looking to submit a full proposal by the deadline of November 24, 2017. At the core of the proposal will be ambitious R&D projects, and we are looking to include only the best project ideas. We would like to invite the community to submit one or more project ideas, keeping the following guiding principles in mind:

  1. Projects must be closely aligned with one or multiple layers in our data stack (Data Collection, Data Analysis, Data Visualization) and one of our program themes (Precision Health, Digital ID & Security, Industry 4.0 – Digital Twinning & Virtualized Operations).
  2. Projects should be derived from significant industry problems or ambitious industry-defined opportunities that push the boundaries of the present state of the art.  In all cases, they will be ambitious, industry-driven R&D collaborations with significant follow-on global commercialization prospects.

Submit your ideas using this form. We would appreciate your project submissions no later than Wed November 8th at 4pm.

Want to get involved? Let us know! We want to hear from you.

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