We Are Wavefront: Meet Maggie Fu and Peter Kattan

We Are Wavefront is an ongoing series where we take a look at the people who make up Wavefront. This week we sat down with our new Senior UI/UX Designers, Maggie Fu and Peter Kattan. 

Tell me about yourself… 

PETER: I’m a passionate, creative thinker, and a statuesque disrupter with a vast experience in Advertising, IA, UI, UX, HCI and digital communication. I’ve worked with various types of clients from retail to financial, real estate to hospitality. I’m also a multi-disciplinary artist and industrial designer on the side. I enjoy both the professional and artistic worlds. The opportunity at Wavefront came at a good time, when I wanted to explore more innovative technologies, and I wanted to focus more on IoT.

MAGGIE: I’ve always enjoyed problem solving! I started out with front-end development and I worked with a variety of industries; real estate, transportation and security. I dove into the startup space in 2014, as a lead UI designer. I’ve enjoyed working in a fast-paced environment ever since. What drew me to this role was that Wavefront is considered a leader in Canadian mobile and IoT.  I wanted to be part of the movement!  

What keeps you busy outside of work? What’s one fun fact about you? 

PETER:  I attend lots and LOTS of industry events that keep me on top of the fast-paced change of the UX trends. I also work on the commissioned art installation projects for various residential buildings in Toronto. FUN FACT: I was featured for my art on AirBnB for being a creative host as my partner and I run a successful AirBnB that allows us to interact with people from all over the world that come to Toronto. We love giving them tips for all the attractions and fun things they can do in and around the city.  

MAGGIE: Same as Peter! I attend a lot of events. We’re suckers for industry events! I’m a very committed Toastmaster. I’m part of a team of 8 people who chartered Burnaby Entrepreneurs Toastmasters. We helped entrepreneurs and “want-trepreneus” to practice their public speaking skills and connect with like-minded individuals in the community. FUN FACT: I enjoy long-distancing running, I’ve trained for 6 half-marathons in the past 3 years. I’m currently training for a full marathon next year (42K)!

Maggie running a marathon!

What brought you to Wavefront? What interested you about working here? 

PETER: First thing that drew me was that they help Canadian companies maintain their eco-system in Canada. I felt that’s an honourable approach to business that I don’t see often. Next, I felt the warmth of the team through my interviews, that made me feel like I already belong. What interested me to work here is that I can work on innovative projects that are really aligned with where I see my career going.   

MAGGIE: I’m seeking a challenging environment where I get to have more ownership and push my boundaries as a designer. To grow with a team of driven and passionate people makes me feel excited! What interests me about Wavefront is the people. I like the diversity we have here and the collaborative environment.  

PETER: Now that we’ve worked here for a month or so, we both appreciate the transparency and the work collaboration between the team.  

MAGGIE: We can’t wait to see this team grow bigger!  

Peter, tell me a little more about your art installations…. 

I’ve always wanted to create art installations and industrial design pieces because they reflect the artist’s impression and the way they see things, rather than creating a web or mobile app for the purpose of selling or promoting something. I started to explore that part of my artistic abilities about 5 years ago. I entered a crowd-sourcing competition for industrial design with a unique dining table creation, “A Moment of Intimacy”. I won the contest. I started to push my boundaries further in trying different mediums. I exhibited “Emotions” my first mixed media collection in 2015 at a gallery downtown in Toronto, which gave me a lot of exposure. Since then I have been creating art installations that are permanently installed in condo buildings around Toronto.

A collection of Peter’s artwork.

Maggie, you’re originally from Vancouver, what made you move to Toronto? 

I felt that I was getting too comfortable in Vancouver, and I want to start an adventure with more challenges, so I decided to move to Toronto, a bigger and busier city. Turns out to be the best decision I’ve made, because I joined the Wavefront family! 

What excites you about the future of tech? 

PETER: Technology is evolving all the time and at an increasing pace. This will only keep us UXers on our toes as we have to keep evolving with the new technologies so that we can stay on top of things. IoT, AI, VR/AR and Chatbots are the next trends, and it’s our job to know how we can continue to add value to those innovations. The future of tech is definitely exciting. 

MAGGIE: I am excited to see how AR/VR will shape up and get used in different industries, especially in gaming and retail. I think it’s going to enrich our experiences immensely. 

Connect with Maggie Fu on LinkedIn, Twitter (@peppud), and Instagram (@rigel_m) 

Connect with Peter Kattan on LinkedIn, Twitter (@fifth_element75), Instagram (fifth_element), UX Portfolio (dropr.com/peterkattan), and Art Portfolio (peterkattandesign.com

Join Peter & Maggie and other local designers in Toronto for our Retail and IoT Design Thinking Workshop! This is a great opportunity to brainstorm practical solutions for current industry challenges and opportunities. Hear from Gale Blank, VP of IT at Holt Renfrew to learn about key industry trends in luxury retail. Gale will frame a real-world problem in the luxury retail environment to be solved in the workshop. 

When & Where: Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 5:30pm – 8:30pm WeWork (240 Richmond Street West) 

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