M3 Mortgage Group engages Wavefront to lead technology innovation for mortgage professionals

TORONTO, Sept. 28, 2017 /CNW – M3 Mortgage Group has engaged Wavefront Wireless Commercialization Centre Society to transform its technology platform, MortgageBOSS, using enhanced digital solutions and connections to Wavefront’s Canadian Trusted Partner Network. Wavefront will lead a team that includes Two Tall Totems, a Vancouver-based premium software company specializing in designing and developing mobile apps, complex websites and enterprise software.

Using an agile approach based on small, progressive sprints coupled with client feedback, Wavefront will deliver a significantly improved enterprise software platform for MortgageBOSS before the end of 2017. These improvements will provide Canadian mortgage professionals using the system with an enhanced user experience, better capabilities and a seamless business process flow

“MortgageBOSS has revolutionized the way mortgage professionals do business and the possibilities presented to Canadian consumers when it comes to applying for credit. As a company, we are committed to continuously providing MortgageBOSS users with both innovation and cutting-edge technology solutions. We are excited to have partnered with Wavefront to deliver MortgageBOSS’s next generation user experience and interface excellence to our users and end customers,” stated Michael Beckette, CEO of Mortgage Alliance, part of the M3 Mortgage Group group of companies.

“This partnership demonstrates Wavefront’s role as an innovation intermediary – bringing together innovative solutions providers such as Two Tall Totems with enterprise clients such as the M3 Mortgage Group who are committed to being a technology innovation leader in the mortgage brokerage industry,” explains James Maynard, President and CEO of Wavefront. “Our approach delivers value to Canadian companies looking to expand to new markets and enterprise clients who recognize the need to digitally transform in order to remain relevant and competitive.”

Wavefront programs are focused on driving economic impact in Canada. Over the past five years, their programs for startups and SMEs have helped to generate $418 billion in GDP, 6,700+ jobs and $14 in economic benefits for every $1 in public funding, according to a recent Economic Impact Report.

By extending their expertise and connections to corporate Canada, Wavefront is helping to drive innovation and generate further economic benefits.

About The M3 Mortgage Group 

The M3 Mortgage Group is the #1 non-bank mortgage originator and undisputed leader in mortgage brokerage across Canada. With more than 6,000 brokers and $44 billion in annual loan volumes, the technology driven, consumer obsessed group and its subsidiaries, Multi-Prêts Mortgages, Mortgage Alliance, Invis, Mortgage Intelligence and Verico have a single goal: be the best consumer ally when it comes to home financing for the many families it serves every year across the country.

About Wavefront
Wavefront is Canada’s leader in transforming business through mobile and IoT innovation. We are a centre for commercialization for companies in the wireless and IoT technologies space. Our vision is to build a globally relevant, nationally connected ecosystem that delivers digital capacity, competitiveness and prosperity for Canadians. www.wavefront.ca


SOURCE Mortgage Alliance


For further information: Media contact: Michelle Sklar, VP Marketing & Communications, Wavefront, [email protected], (778) 331-7498


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