We Are Wavefront: Meet Nicola Jackson

We Are Wavefront is an ongoing series where we take a look at the people who make up WavefrontThis week we sat down with our new Senior Partnerships Manager, Nicola Jackson. 

Tell me about yourself… 

I grew up in the Greater Toronto Area and went to University in Ottawa. After graduation I returned to Toronto and spent a good deal of my career working in a variety of Operations roles within Software Consultancies. When a colleague began to grow a Partnerships Team in our organization, I became interested in learning about that world, and eventually moved into the role of Partner Manager. That’s where my Partnerships journey began! Since then, I’ve had the chance to work with partner programs of all shapes and sizes.

Nicola Jackson Wavefront

Nicola with the Toronto Wavefront team.

What interested you about working at Wavefront? 

After spending time working within the partner programs and ecosystems created by other organizations, I was interested in helping create a partner program from the ground up and to help other organizations achieve their corporate missions and visions. That was the biggest draw for me to join Wavefront. It was about becoming a part of an organization focused on the growth and success of innovation within Canada! 

What do you do at Wavefront? 

As the Senior Manager of Partnerships at Wavefront, I’m responsible for creating, managing and growing Wavefront’s Strategic Partnerships and Partner Ecosystem. That means not only working with our Trusted Delivery and Technology Partners, but uncovering new relationships that may live outside of the traditional partner relationships Wavefront has had to date. It involves telling the story of how organizations can use different technologies to help customers achieve digital transformation, and act as a change agent within various industries. 

Anything that excites you about the future of tech? 

 What excites me about the future of technology is that we’ve just scratched the surface of what can be done with it, and there are a lot of great advancements and discoveries happening within Canada! It amazes me to experience all the awesome work that’s being done across the country with IoT, AI, AR/VR, and Analytics to name a few. It’s a great time to be a part of the Tech industry and I’m so excited to have opportunity to shine a spotlight on what’s being done within Canada as well as abroad. 

Connect with Nicola on LinkedIn.

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