How an Accelerator Can Help Your Startup

You’ve got a great tech business idea. You think there’s a market for it. But how can you be sure? And how do you make the leap to a sustainable business?  

There are many entrepreneurship programs that can help. But they’re not all created equal. Wavefront runs the Venture Acceleration Program and National Entrepreneurship Program to support the growth of early-stage businesses. 

Here are 5 ways to determine if Wavefront’s early-stage acceleration programs are the right fit for you: 

Coaching from an experienced entrepreneur. We’ll assign you an Executive in Residence who will meet with you regularly and help guide the growth of your business. They’ve “been there, done that” and can help you avoid expensive mistakes. Past graduates often report their EIR was the most valuable benefit of our program. 

Access to national and international networks. Wavefront has been helping Startups and SMEs grow for more than 10 years. We’re connected with an incredible community of partners, entrepreneurs, investors and corporate players – across Canada and around the world. We can make game-changing introductions for your business. 

Membership in a powerful community of Startups. Learning from fellow entrepreneurs is an important part of the Venture Acceleration Program. Whether you join the Wavefront co-working space or stay connected with others in your cohort, your peers can support your learning and business growth. And there are exclusive perks for program members.  

Proven track record. Hundreds of companies have taken part in the Venture Acceleration Program and Market Validation Program workshops. It works. We’ll help you access resources, learning and connections that will accelerate the growth of your venture (just like the name says!). 

Affordable support. The Venture Acceleration Program isn’t free, but we won’t take a stake in your business. The cost is $200 – enough to keep you accountable without draining your resources. 

Wavefront Tech Accelerator

Curious what you’ll learn in Wavefront’s Acceleration Program? 

The foundation of the program is covered through three days of intensive Market Validation Training with your mentor and peer cohort. Here’s a summary of what the training includes: 

Day 1 

  • Market Type Assessment 
  • Positioning Statement Introduction 
  • Business Model Canvas 
  • Segmenting your Customers 
  • Value Proposition 
  • Minimum Viable Product 

Day 2 

  • Positioning Statement and Pitch Practice 
  • Customer Development Model 
  • Return on Investment Calculator 
  • Ideal Customer Discovery 
  • Sales Funnel and Process 
  • Lead Generation 

Day 3 

  • Business Model Assessment & Testing 
  • 6 Month Goals and Plan 
  • Critical Path for Strategic Plan 


Think an acceleration program is right for you?

Apply now to the Venture Acceleration Program (if you’re in BC), or the National Entrepreneurship Program (if you’re outside BC).

Contact us for more details!

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