We Are Wavefront: Meet Comfort

We Are Wavefront is an ongoing series where we take a look at the people who make up Wavefront. This month we sat down with our new Office Coordinator and face of the Vancouver office, Comfort Aremu. 

Tell me about yourself… 

I’m originally from Nigeria but relocated to Canada several years ago. My background includes a degree in English literature as well as training in digital design and animation. Before coming to Canada, I worked in an animation studio specializing in 3D animation in Nigeria and Cape Town, South Africa. I did consulting for companies on how to use 3D for designing and product development and was certified animation instructor. 

I took a break from my career in the 3D animation industry to focus on my family, and afterwards made the decision to pick up from an earlier career in Office Administration which was in line with my goals for a different season of life. I have always enjoyed working closely with Operations/management teams to provide administrative support while setting up systems and processes. So, I’ve gone back to school to advance my knowledge in business management systems and operations. So far, I’m really enjoying it! 

What keeps you busy outside of work? 

I love the outdoors and every year I go camping. I also like to hike and play volleyball.  

Social justice issues are very close to my heart and as a result I have spent several years volunteering with non-profit organizations like UNICEF and Oxfam Canada. I am involved with local non-profits in my community and volunteer to raise awareness and funding for their programs.  

I love travelling and have done a fair bit around Africa when I lived there. One of my dream trips would be to go on a Safari in Southern Africa! 

What brought you to Wavefront? 

I was drawn to Wavefront for a few reasons. With my background in 3D and animation, it was a great opportunity to get back into a tech environment while growing my career in operations. I’ve always been interested in technology, innovation and finding new ways of doing things.  

I also really liked the fact that Wavefront works with entrepreneurs to help them grow and evolve their companies. Having been an entrepreneur, myself running a digital design company, it’s great to see the amount of support available to people through what’s offered at Wavefront. 

Wavefront Vancouver Office

Wavefront Vancouver Office

What do you do here at Wavefront? 

I sit front and center at the Vancouver office reception and deal with many people in a day! My job is very multi-faceted, which keeps things interesting. I support the Wavefront staff by setting up and maintaining organizational processes and systems to keep things running.  

A big part of my job is working with our client and tenant companies to get them settled into the Wavefront community and connected with the right resources. 

Anything that excites you about the future of tech? 

After meeting many people in the Wavefront community, I really enjoy seeing the innovations people come up with. I’m really proud at the platform and resources we provide Canadian companies to build their businesses. It’s exciting to me to see people bring their ideas to life. I think supporting these innovators is key to growing and building an innovative country and culture and look forward to seeing how these entrepreneurs are going to lead the change.  


Connect with Comfort on LinkedIn. 

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