Design Thinking Workshop Finds Smart City Solutions for Town of Newmarket

Town of Newmarket, Wavefront Design Thinking

Design thinking with technology partners uncovers new Smart City solutions for the Town of Newmarket

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Smart City Challenges

The Town of Newmarket was looking to explore how to better design and implement Smart City concepts. As with many cities with this goal, the Town had questions around how to effectively work with technology vendors to build solutions that increase truly address key areas of interest.
“There are many smart solutions that have been proposed to us by different vendors. The problem is that none of these have been the right fit for our size, existing city infrastructure, or longterm goals.” Susan Chase, Director, IT Innovation at the Town of Newmarket
For the Town of Newmarket, some areas of interest included brainstorming strategies to address:

  • Improving parking solutions to increase revenue and reduce congestion in the core
  • Leveraging data to create value for citizens
  • Launching a community engagement platform

Using a Design Thinking Approach to Find Solutions

Wavefront gathered key stakeholders to participate in a Design Thinking workshop to facilitate collaboration between the Town and industry partners. Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and Rogers who were as ecosystem partners attended, as well as technology vendors Connected Lab, tribalScale and

Participants were placed into three working groups, and over the course of the two day workshop, each group designed, prototyped, evaluated and presented a single concept for a Smart City solution, based on the Town’s needs.

The workshop followed the principles of design thinking and were taken through a series of exercises designed to deconstruct key problems, and build solutions with a human-centered perspective.

Outcomes and Next Steps

After two days of brainstorming and collaboration, the three working groups presented their concepts in a format that included: an articulated value proposition, rapid service prototype and four minute pitch of the solution.
Based on these proposed solutions, the Town of Newmarket is looking at next steps in taking some of the concepts from the prototypes to reality.

“We are looking forward to exploring how to bring some of the ideas from the workshop to life. It was a fantastic way to get the right conversations going with a few key technology providers.” Mark Agnoletto, Senior Manager Public Works Services at the Town of Newmarket.

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