#WeAreWavefront: Meet Eugene Joe

We Are Wavefront is an ongoing series providing an in depth look at the individuals who make up Wavefront. This month, we sat down to chat with our new Practice Lead for UI/UX, Eugene Joe.

Tell me a bit about yourself…

I graduated from the York/Sheridan Graphic Design program in Toronto. I originally started in digital design, but later evolved to product and mobile design with a speciality in UI/UX. Lately I’ve been focusing more on strategy and design thinking.

Outside of work I love playing sports, especially volleyball, dodgeball, and golf. I really enjoy traveling and I love the outdoors. Fun fact: I recently took an 8-week outdoor survival course with a friend just for fun. The final test was surviving a night outdoors with the bare minimum. I survived! It sparked a new passion for the outdoors; nothing beats the calming feeling you get being out in nature.

What do you do for Wavefront?

I am the practice lead for UI/UX. Essentially what that means is, I’m building out the preface and process of how to engage clients on the solutions side. This includes strategy engagement discovery, running workshops, user research and reporting, and design audits. All of these are heavily focused on the client engagement side.

When people hear the word ‘graphic designer’ they often assume the role is to just make things look pretty. Maybe at one time it was, but the role has evolved to so much more now. A graphic designer is a problem solver. Great designers start from the bottom up – they understand a user problem, and they build a solution by prototyping a design based on research and experimentation.

I’m also tasked with discovering how we leverage design thinking and adopt agile methodology as we digitally transform ourselves, and in turn, better engage in with our clients.

Why the tech industry?

I’ve loved tech since I was a little kid. I remember when I got my first computer and how excited I was! I’ve always been curious to explore the latest and greatest of things.

In high school I had the option to choose between computer science and graphic design. I chose graphic design not necessarily meaning to get into tech, but that’s where it led me and I’ve never looked back.

How is what Wavefront is doing making a difference in Canada?

Wavefront is leveraging technology developed by startups in Canada to solve real life problems – smart cities, enterprise innovation, commercialization, etc. The projects we get to work on are on a mass scale. What we do and how we solve problems potentially affects millions of people in their everyday lives.

What excites you most about the future of tech?

The thing that really excites me is the AI/Machine Learning technology that spans across multiple industries. I’m interested in seeing where the disruption that’s currently happening will take us. A lot of industries are being replaced by machines, but there are also many scenarios where jobs are not being replaced but are being augmented. These are the fascinating situations where AI is helping people become a better doctor, lawyer or teacher. We’ve seen the proof of concepts and now I’m excited to see where that takes us in the coming years. The possibilities are endless.

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