Wavefront helping Canadian companies scale up and seize market opportunities through RevUp program

Three Canadian tech companies are confirmed to participate in Discovery Foundation’s RevUp Program this spring/summer. This eight-month program is delivered through Wavefront’s Vancouver headquarters and is designed for companies in a high-growth stage. The participating companies will receive coaching on how to build sustainable revenue, develop customer acquisition models and attain operational efficiency.

After applying to the program, the following three Canadian companies were selected as the new cohort:


Angler’s Atlas

For anglers who need better ways to explore fishing destinations, and want to share this information with friends. Angler’s Atlas is a digital platform that provide maps and detailed planning information for over a quarter million fishing destinations across Canada and the US.


CAMS Software
CAMS Software provides transportation software solutions for some of the world’s largest grocery companies. We provide routing, dispatch, driver payroll, backhaul and salvage solutions to our Fortune 500 clients.


Canmap Systems
For experts who make infrastructure decisions at small electric utilities and need a system to manage daily operations, the Canmap Core system is map-based software for staking, mapping, and inventory management that is easy to use and does not require IT infrastructure. Unlike expensive desktop products, the Canmap Core system is web-based, fully-customizable, and available as a SaaS model.


The RevUp Program focuses on helping technology companies in rapid-growth chart effective strategies to navigate this critical stage. As founders transition to CEOs, a unique set of challenges awaits: leading a growing team, evolving the strategic plan and scaling for increased revenue, customers and outcomes.

“We have a team of entrepreneurial veterans with decades of experience in successfully scaling companies. They understand the difficulty of scaling a company,” says Brad Lowe, VP National Accelerator Operations. “We’re here to help companies avoid pitfalls, and to accelerate them to success.”

Participating companies will receive ongoing mentorship from veteran business leaders and work towards developing the specific skills and strategies required to succeed in their industry.


For more information, contact:

Nikki Wong

Manager, Accelerator Programs

[email protected]


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