Vancouver Long-Term Rental App Launches Kickstarter Campaign

DomoMi will provide much-needed transparency for the city’s competitive rental market.

APRIL 11, 2017 (Vancouver, B.C.) – The Vancouver-based startup DomoMi announced the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The company has created a game-changing web app for long-term rental homes. The app features an innovative pre-screening process that verifies landlords and renters in advance, establishing trust and allowing users to connect more efficiently based on their preferences. DomoMi is currently participating in the Wavefront Venture Acceleration Program.

While working in real estate for CBRE and Mosaic Homes, founder Jacob Steiner recognized the need for credibility and transparency in the chaotic Vancouver rental market. Steiner saw landlords struggle to find reliable renters and to develop new properties without verified rental prices, comparable development reports or demographic data. Renters too were challenged by skyrocketing prices in one of the most competitive markets in North America.

“We’re launching DomoMi because Vancouver currently suffers from a fragmented market with lagging technology services, and a lack of trust,” said Steiner. “We will change that by establishing commonality between renters and landlords – finding a rental home shouldn’t be a stressful process.”

DomoMi’s backer fund goal of $100,000 will allow Steiner’s team to build the app through the incorporation of crowd-sourced involvement – they will create a platform for the rental community based directly on its needs. By asking users to provide details like preferred neighborhoods and rental requirements, the app will empower renters to share their demands with the Vancouver real estate industry. This will in turn support landlords, development applications, city planning, and future rental market supply.

In addition to facilitating efficient long-term rentals, DomoMi will elevate the overall rental experience by offering add-on services like furnishing rentals and moving partners.

The Kickstarter launched on April 17, 2017 and will remain live for 28 days. View the kickstarter page here to support the project.

DomoMi is an online platform for long-term apartment rentals. The app pre-screens landlords and renters, and connects them based on location and preferences. Learn more at