#SpeakerSpotlight: Shawn Sanderson, Global IoT and Digital Transformation Leader

Shawn Sanderson is an Internet of Things (IoT) expert with significant industry experience. He is contributing his expertise and connections as Chair of the Wavefront 2017 IoT Summit and will host Day 2 of the Summit.

Get to know more about why this digital transformer wants Canadian companies to get their courage on.

What inspired you to pursue a career as a champion of digital transformation?

Simply, digital transformation is an exciting thing to be part of. It is challenging but when successful, highly rewarding both individually and for the enterprise involved.

What is the leading trend in IoT for 2017?

IoT is transformative yet still not completely understood by many enterprises that have IoT plans.  The leading trend in IoT for 2017 is comprehension of what IoT means, the outcomes it can generate and the economic success derived from these outcomes.

What do you think one of the greatest misconceptions is about IoT/next generation technologies?

One of the greatest misconceptions is that the projects must be complex, large and require significant investment and time.  Many IoT and next gen technologies have the ability to start small and grow based on successful outcomes versus spending years working on a project, hoping for a successful outcome.

What are the key challenges around adopting IoT technologies/ transitioning to a digital organization?

1) Talent – identifying and sourcing the right talent with an understanding of these technologies and digital transformation

2) Change management – changing the way the business operates to benefit from these technologies

3) Courage – accepting changes in revenue streams, business strategies and the time between the way things used to be done to how they will be done moving forward

What is an immediate benefit of adopting IoT technologies/transitioning to a digital organization?

An immediate benefit is engaging in an ecosystem of outcome-driven companies while modernizing the current systems to take advantage of the global investments made by large technology organizations that are betting big on IoT.

Are Canadians ready for the Digital Revolution?

Yes, but we are always slightly behind countries like the US for a few different reasons,

1) Market size in Canada is smaller, therefore we are secondary.

2) Global technology companies are not headquartered in Canada so first access to new products tends to happen where they are based.

3) Our venture and startup investment community is smaller and therefore we don’t see as many new innovations first.

I believe our attitude is ready but somewhat limited by these factors.

Which smart technology has changed your life or work the most?

I don’t think there is any one technology; however, I absolutely see micro benefits from multiple technologies. When stacked up, they have definitely improved my life. They are:

  • AI services
  • Smart watches
  • Mobile apps that digitize many tedious processes and remove paper from the work flow
  • Data driven planning



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  1. Now this is interesting. Quite a bit here that calls for deeper inquiry. Like… what does he see for the future of smart watches? Also, would love to hear some examples of mobile apps that digitize workflow.

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