#SpeakerSpotlight: John Younes, Co-founder and COO, Litmus Automation

As the Co-founder and COO of Litmus Automation, John Younes at the helm of a rapidly emerging startup that is seizing opportunities in the IoT space. Find out why John thinks Canadian companies need to up their game – or risk being left behind.

What is the leading trend in IoT for 2017?

Budgets! Companies are getting more serious about IoT and starting to look at piloting some of the solutions and projects that they have been researching and looking at for the last few years.

What do you think one of the greatest misconceptions is about IoT/next generation technologies?

Not everything happens overnight. Companies read about something like IoT and think to themselves, “OK let’s get started with IoT!”. But, it’s not that simple. You need to have a proper long-term plan of how you are going to implement. And, if you do not think through your approach properly, then you will run into many issues later with things like security, scalability and not being future proofed.

What are the key challenges around adopting IoT technologies/ transitioning to a digital organization?

Trying to get all the different stakeholders on the same page. IoT and digital is something that is affecting organizations across many of their business units, if they do not work together, it will never work. Each group has their own priorities, but the proper groups need to be in place to make sure there is a successful transition and adoption.

What is an immediate benefit of adopting IoT technologies/transitioning to a digital organization?

An immediate benefit is real-time visibility into their operations, assets and customers. This is generally the first step in getting started with IoT before building upon much larger topics like machine learning and predictive maintenance.

Are Canadians ready for the Digital Revolution?

As Canadians, it has been our nature to be more conservative. This is definitely apparent with what I am seeing in the Canadian IoT market;  we are lagging behind what is being done elsewhere in the world, probably 2-3 years behind other countries. If we do not move quicker,  we will be left behind.

If you could create a smart technology to make your job easier, what would it be?

An AI sales/personal assistant!

Catch John Younes speaking on Building and IoT Ecosystem at the Wavefront 2017 IoT Summit

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