Artificial Intelligence: Underpinnings of a Disruptive Wave

Barely a day goes by without AI being in the headlines. Earlier this month, Vanity Fair did a fairly lengthy piece on Elon Musk’s view on the perils of AI. Also worth reading is AI vs MD by Siddhartha Mukerjee in New Yorker Magazine. With this topic there is a lot to digest and ponder as to what the future will hold. AI has been around for decades but is this time different? To find out more about future trends and predictions, join the discussion at the upcoming Mobile Breakfast Series event. The half-day session will do a deep dive into AI and the opportunities it represents, the challenges we will inevitably face and timelines for success.

Hear from practitioners of the trade who have decades of experience in AI and ML and how such techniques might be applied to real-life scenarios like IoT, mobile devices, personalized services, etc. They understand what problems is it really good for, and can answer if we are entering the golden age of AI? The breakfast will also tackle the pressing ethics questions on how to deal with personalization and the use of AI. Separating the hype from ground reality will give you things to think about for your own business.

A panel will discuss the fundamental elements of AI that will be a key layer for the Connected Intelligence Era. To help us discuss the topic in-depth, we have some of the leading practitioners of the trade. Lev Mass is a venture partner at XSeed Capital in silicon valley with expertise in cloud computing, mobile, and artificial intelligence. Prof. Mark Schmidt is one of the leading authorities on ML and AI, leading the Dept. of Computer Science in ML at UBC. They will help us delve into the state of the art in AI as well as look into what is getting funded and why?

The event will take place on April 26th at Hyatt Regency, 655 Burrard St in Vancouver for discussion and networking.

Time: 7:30-11am. Breakfast and Networking: 7:30-8:30a, Panel: 8:30-10a, Networking: 10-11a

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