#SpeakerSpotlight: Gary Agnew, Vice President, Finning Digital

Gary Agnew is leading Finning into the Future. He is leading the new Finning Digital initiative. Among his responsibilities: creating a digital innovation incubator, developing advanced e-commerce and digital marketing capabilities and figuring out how to monetize the vast amounts of data generated by implementing performance solutions. 

Find out why Gary is focused on the future but with an eye on the past.

What is the leading trend in IoT for 2017?

The leading trend is the movement beyond IoT platforms and the focus on data-driven enterprise applications that leverage the capabilities of platforms while solving problems and delivering value for the enterprise.

What do you think one of the greatest misconceptions is about IoT/next generation technologies?

One of the greatest misconceptions is that historic applications and data are no longer valuable.  IoT is an evolution that is building on top of, combining or enhancing existing technologies, data and capabilities.

What are the key challenges around adopting IoT technologies/ transitioning to a digital organization?

Many times, historic development processes and organizational structure slow the speed needed to adopt and transition to a digital organization. This can make it challenging to make quick decisions, build new capabilities using agile methodology and focus on delivering quick value by launching MVP offerings and then improving on those.

What is an immediate benefit of adopting IoT technologies/transitioning to a digital organization?

We can change the way we address our customer’s problems by focusing on the derived value of the technologies and digital capabilities versus simply building products.

Are Canadians ready for the Digital Revolution?

Yes, Canadians have the skills and the industrial requirements to benefit from the digital revolution. Our massive geography and small population demands the use of digital technologies to expand our reach.

You can catch Gary speaking on Designing a Digital & IoT Organization at the 2017 Wavefront IoT Summit May 1-2 in Toronto, ON. 

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