How do you turn connected things into smart objects?

How do you turn connected things into smart objects?

If managed properly, today’s connected products enable more optimized operations and an improved user experience. For many companies, the real challenge is data analytics – harnessing the potential of IoT product data to derive actionable insights.

mnubo is a Canadian company that transforms “connected things” into “smart objects.” mnubo helps manufacturers extract valuable insights from their connected product data by providing automated reports and dashboards that help the manufacturer understand product usage, performance, failures and other critical KPIs.

They have identified 5 key benefits for IoT analytics:

  • Product & Service Feedback – manufacturers use product usage feedback to assess product quality and monitor behaviour thereby focusing their R&D spend
  • Usage Behaviour Tracking – understand how customers are interacting with the connected product and enhancing the experience to match the customer’s behaviour
  • Operational Analysis – optimize service offerings based on usage segmentation analysis and reduce the costs associated with providing that service
  • Contextual Analysis – enrich the sensor data with external data (weather, geolocation, etc) to provide greater context on how the physical objects are behaving in relation to their surroundings
  • Predictive Analysis & Maintenance – use previous patterns and the knowledge of the current usage to predict future trends and behaviour

Find out how mnubo’s SmartObject IoT Analytics platform is transforming connected objects into ‘smart objects’.

Mnubo’s CEO and Founder, Frederic Bastien, is taking part in the Wavefront 2017 IoT Summit in Toronto, May 1-2. He will take part in the panel discussion, “New Technology Making Significant Impacts: The Evolution of Automation, Impact on the Growth of Industrial IoT.”

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